We Live And Maybe We Die Essay

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Americans can not fully comprehend the troubles of war torn countries. Born and raised in a place where war is flashed, almost advertised, in games, news, movies, songs. For some, that is the reason grasping the concept of a constant war in your backyard is hard. War is a gruesome thing, sometimes others forget that. With the movies, videogames, books, all making it seem less violent than it truly is, it is hard to remember. Taking this extraordinarily aggressive concept and throwing children into the middle is something us as Americans cannot fully comprehend due to our strict rules and/or laws against children being in service. A very common topic amongst these child soldiers is should they be given amnesty. With the circumstances of the environment these children are in they should be given amnesty. Many are quick to overlook the fact that many of the child soldiers were forced into that job. In fact, a great number of children are abducted from their …show more content…
Their definition, and morals, of right and wrong differ from ours. Born and raised into this lifestyle, how are they to know different? Some children lose parents, siblings, cousins, in these constant fights and are seeking to avenge. Or maybe they have yet to lose someone in the battle, but are simply following their family. In the article “Maybe We Live and Maybe We Die” it gives us a perfect example. It states, “Many [children] followed their relatives or friends. Others lived in a battle zone without open schools, participated in public protests, or had personally suffered at the hand of the government”. Given the circumstances of no open schools what are these children’s other options? School being taken away and a constant fight right in their neighborhoods, their options are close to none. In fact, even the Somalian government uses child soldiers. It is hard to escape this duty when even the corporation meant to keep you safe supports such

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