Alert Child Soldiers

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All around the world there are desperate children being abducted and brainwashed into child soldiers. Children as young as 5 are taken, given a gun and told to kill others or die. If these kids do get rescued by peacekeepers they go into rehabilitation. Child soldiers deserve amnesty because they were just desperate children who were abducted and brainwashed into killing.

Around the world innocent children 5-18 are being terribly captured. Captured then drugged with things like gun powder the same powder they kill people with. Then they are and given a gun and one order, kill. These kids were desperate and about to die if they did not get food,water and shelter. They also were terribly brainwashed
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These children did not have a choice if they wanted to stop killing they were abducted and forced. “Rebel group who had abducted her at the age of nine” (Okiror). This shows that children did not deserve to be abducted, and we as people should help them by not locking them up.These kids were taking and abducted, and their whole identity was changed. “Taking children away, abducting them, stripping them of their childhood to put them in the line of fire where they could die” (Hadid). This shows that these kids were changed into people they were not and they deserve a better life, and their past violence be forgiven. To conclude child soldiers were abducted and deserve …show more content…
Child soldiers do not deserve amnesty because they were conscious they were doing harm to others. “Children should be held accountable for their crimes during conflict, because they knew they were killing people and did not stop” (Burg). This illustrates that children were aware they were murdering and knew that it was a terrible thing be taught but was even worse that these kids carried out with this job. What if they and they could kill a person today. These kids were under a ton of drugs, and they were brainwashed and were forced to or die. They had no way to stop there they had to constantly keep killing, no end. “Militia leaders often encourage child soldiers to take drugs as a way of bringing them together and desensitising them against the acts they are being told to carry out” (Bindu). This shows that child soldiers were drugged and did understand what they were doing. But child soldiers deserve amnesty because they were drugged and they did not have any idea what they were

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