Child Soldiers In Syria

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Numerous social issues are spreading rapidly around the world, but the social issue of child soldiers has had a drastic increase in recent years. Currently, about 250,000 child soldiers exist worldwide (“Child Soldiers” World Vision). Although the recruitment of child soldiers has existed for several years, currently in various regions rebellious organizations along with military forces of countries have increased the recruitment of child soldiers. Specifically, children in the Middle East face a major threat of being recruited as child soldiers ("ISIS Increasingly Recruiting Children To Carry Out Terrorist Acts"). The organization children in the Middle East face the biggest threat from is ISIS. Currently, 60% of ISIS fighters are under the …show more content…
First, currently local agencies are not providing help for child soldiers in Syria. In fact, government forces are torturing children who have fought for opposing forces rather than helping them reintegrate into society (Nichols). Also, government forces are using torturous methods on children to derive information or confessions from children that were or are a part of opposing forces such as ISIS. Examples of torturous methods being used on children are “electric shock, beatings, stress positions and threats, and acts of sexual torture” (Nichols). Also, it has been proven that the Syrian government’s army has been recruiting child soldiers themselves (Nichols). Therefore, the only hope for child soldiers in Syria is help from outside agencies. A non-governmental organization that is looking to help child soldiers in Syria is War Child. War Child has provided help to children across the Middle East and other regions around the world as well. However, a challenge outside agencies are facing when it comes to helping Syria is that they cannot enter Syria due to the immense amount of violence (“Child Soldiers” Child Soldiers). Despite this difficulty, War Child has still made an effort to help Syrian children. They have created safe spaces in neighboring countries to provide help to these children until they are able to get into Syria and significantly provide help to the child soldiers (“Child Soldiers” Child Soldiers). Although they have not been able to do much, they are still taking action whereas local agencies have neglected the issue altogether. Lastly, an international governmental organization that has made an effort towards helping child soldiers in Syria is UNICEF. One of UNICEF’s core values regarding this issue is to try to

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