Nnamdi Azikiwe

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  • Essay On Grand Corruption In Nigeria

    Grand corruption was pervasive with records of abuse of office, personal material aggrandisement, kickbacks, nepotism, awarding contracts to front companies, lodging public funds into private accounts, over invoicing, approval of substandard projects, disregard of due process, bribery, fraud, stealing and misappropriation of public funds. Okonkwo submits ‘the First Republic, with Azikiwe as the President, was marked by widespread corruption. Government officials looted public funds with impunity. Federal representative and Minister of Aviation, KO Mbadiwe, flaunted his wealth by building a palace in his hometown ... Minister of Finance Chief FS Okotie- Eboh responded to charges of accumulation of wealth by government officers by quoting from the Bible, “To those that have, more shall be given. From those that do not have, shall be taken even the little they…

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  • Imperialism In Nigeria

    Nigeria’s first genuine nationalist organization”, is another political organization that equally emerged during this period. Turned into a national organization in 1938, the Nigerian Youth Movement was formerly the Lagos Youth Movement which was an organization formed in 1934 to organize opposition against the Yaba High College. Its aim was to develop a united nation out of the diverse elements, which were found in the country. (iii) In a similar vein, the National Council of Nigeria and…

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  • Medical Doctor Personal Statement

    Not many childhood dreams persist from childhood to adulthood but my wish to be a medical doctor has remained unwavering. The only thing that changed over the years as my understanding of medicine broadened is what kind of doctor I would like to be. I did whatever I thought would bring me closer to that reality. Years later, I got accepted to study medicine at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. I was grateful for this opportunity and as with everything I do in life, I…

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  • Importance Of Position Location Systems

    link quality and RSSI. The vagueness of these metrics suggest that a significant amount of error will result were determining position based on this data. For example, if the Read_RSSI command returns a value of 0 then the device has only limited information pertaining to signal strength. However, this information will still provide useful localization information. Perharps the value indicates the device is between 1 and 10 meters from the transmitting device. This single point information can…

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