No-fault divorce

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  • No Fault Divorce

    I researched the change from fault to no fault divorce in Nebraska during the late 20th century. Fault divorce was one party filing for divorce, claiming that the other party was guilty for ruining the marriage, while in no fault divorce no blame was placed on either party. The change started in 1969, with California dismantling their fault based divorce system and then implementing the no fault divorce system. Almost all states followed California soon after and adopted their own no fault laws, with New York being the final state in 2010. The divorce laws were intended to have positive changes to all aspects of the law. However, these changes resulted in mainly negative consequences in alimony, property assets, child custody, and economics…

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  • Fault Divorce In Children

    themselves to end their marriage and get a divorce. This practice is defined as the “the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body” (, meaning it is acknowledged legally by a judge, and lawyers. The reasons for divorce legally range from no fault divorce to fault divorce. No fault divorce is deemed when the couple has mutually agreed to end the marriage, after they felt that the marriage wasn’t worth saving. On the other hand, fault divorce has different…

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  • No-Fault Divorce Research Paper

    Origins of Divorce and the History of No-Fault No-fault divorce law has been a topic of debate since its emergence around 1970 although it has continued as the precedence of divorce into modern day. “No fault” law allows a married couple to divorce on the basis of “irretrievable breakdown" or "incompatibility” as opposed to divorce based on the fault of one spouse. Because there is no fault involved in this type of divorce the division of assets and care of children is based upon the finances…

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  • Divorce And Fault-Based Divorce

    the population (Strong, 2013). Divorce does mean to terminate a marriage, but there are actually two types of divorces- no-fault and fault-based divorce. No- fault divorce means that the couple can file without having to accuse one another of such acts. The couple can easily file irreconcilable differences to end things for good. As for fault-based divorce, one spouse is held accountable for the failed marriage through such actions as infidelity and domestic violence. The couple are not the only…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fault Based Divorce Law

    the 1970s, Nebraska had a fault based divorce system, which was the status quo of all states during the 1960s in the United States. The established fault based divorce law caused the legal court to be required to find fault in one party. However, the grounds to find fault in one party that could be legally considered for one to obtain a divorce were narrow. The grounds that could be possibly be used were desertion, cruelty, adultery, non-support, or ‘other’. Although, the grounds of ‘other’ were…

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  • The Ideal Family In The 1970's

    family. Because instead of mom staying home to raise this kids they began to be an increase of the use of daycares for children. Also now with their own money woman could purchase what ever they could afford. As Dannielle Hudler Chevrolets first female director of car advertising put it “It wasn 't until the 1980s, when women headed to the workplace in large numbers, that marketing and advertising to women began in earnest, Hudler said. "Women finally became the customers instead of…

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  • Positive Effects Of Divorce On Children

    think this way, just think how happy the world would be, adults and children would not have to suffer. Divorce is painful for children and it should be harder to get a divorce if the family has minors. First the person must look to see how the divorce starts. Most divorces have occurred because the couple has drifted apart, this is what hurts the children the most (Doherty). Sometimes couples fall apart because people change over time (Abrams 8). Would a person really want their…

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  • Reasons For Divorce

    The Top 6 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce A lawyer is not required for a divorce. A running back is not required for a football team. Spices are not required to cook food. You get it. Like any legal activity, divorce has many loopholes you may overlook. This is why even attorneys who get divorced hire specialized divorce attorneys to represent them. If you ever find yourself facing a divorce, consider these six reasons to hire an experienced divorce attorney: 1. Laws vary.…

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  • Divorce Rate Analysis

    we see families that are not whole, having been ripped apart by divorce. In fact, currently 50% of marriages now end in divorce, with second-marriages being even more likely to end in divorce. In examining the divorce rate over the past century we are able to see that the divorce rate has been increasing steadily since the early 1900s. However, the divorce rate in the mid to late 1800s was static and relatively low. So the question we must ask is why has the divorce rate been increasing…

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  • The Role Of Teenagers In The 50's

    lawyers very angry, due to the violence. Teenagers were influenced violence was appropriate. The movie was banned by film boards. Teenagers started to make gangs. As the amount of gangs increased the delinquency increased 25 percent. Arrests nearly doubled. For the first time police began to document gangs. A lawyer reported teenage boys caught the eye of police. The culture began to make people wanted for robbery and murder. The uniform of rebellions got banned. The restriction of divorces,…

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