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  • My Relationship With Nature Essay

    It always seems to come down to this question, the “who am I?” An entire branch of philosophy devoted to how to approach the question and still, I have no definite answer, though there has been some great art to come out of it. Thankfully, I have a bit more… “specificity” to work with, limits have been put down, as well as the much easier “why” to scribe. All about the idea of nature. That laid out, it turns the question from “Who am I?” to why am I doing this? The question more manageable, it’s time we answered it, and it’s not all bad. At least I don’t dream I’m a butterfly. To find the origins of my relationship with nature you would have to go back far. If you want to know my understanding of that relationship, then you would have to go…

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  • Life Makes Me Happy Essay

    My wonderful teacher once asked “ What moment in your life made you really happy”. There is no definite answer, being able to wakeup everyday makes me happy. Stretching in my comfy bed makes me smile. Listening to the birds chirping, the sun beaming into my eyes. There are no words that can describe that happiness, its different than receiving a present or a brand new car. Getting up to brush my teeth, looking at the mirror seeing myself. Having the privilege to shower under warm water. Looking…

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  • Math Survey

    prior to looking at the question. In addition, asking more than one question within a question leads to confusion and the inability to answer it straight forward. For example, in question 24 when asking if the participant had ever had a class discussing any of several theorists listed. If you are taking a course in sociological theory most likely you have had one with the named theorists. Once again the survey is setting the participant up for a definite…

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  • Medical Surveys: The Likert Scale

    Likert scale is a quantitative tool for issuing questionnaires in a survey. It employs the method of rating a participant’s response on a scale rather than just getting a single, straight up response. Likert items are the individual questions that have the answers on a scale. The Likert scale is the…

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  • Who Is My Best Friend Essay

    sleeve and my face says it all. Mike on the other hand wears a poker face. You are always left questioning what he is thinking or feeling. For me it becomes very frustrating since I am one of those people who needs to know your every thought and I definitely annoy him when I ask the same question in fifteen different ways because I didn’t like the response he gave the first three times. At the end of the day though, we compliment each others personalities. Mike can appear to be a very serious…

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  • 24 Hour Recall Assessment Examples

    the information needed without sounding robotic or inexperienced. After a few do-overs, I finally found a way to interact with the patient, which allowed me to ask the questions required to get the information for the 24 hour recall. The main comment from my observer, Brenda Phelps made me aware of both my strengths and my shortcomings. As noted by Brenda, my main strength was having the ability to build rapport with the patient in addition to being open, friendly and thorough. One of the areas…

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Communication On Romantic Relationship Satisfaction

    Marital Satisfaction Scale created by Schumm, Nichols, Schectman, and Grinsby in 1983 (as cited in McGee, 2014, p.410); and, lastly, Quality of Marriage Index (QMI) created by Norton in 1983 will also be adopted to this study in order to complete the combination of questions related to the relationship satisfaction among students. Even though all three scales will be combined, the survey will be only using them partly. It will include only the most relative and interesting parts of them to…

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  • Washburn University Interview Research Paper

    Faculty Interview For an assignment I was given a challenge to talk with a faculty member of Washburn University. The faculty member I have chosen was Dr. Chris Conner. I chose Dr. Conner because he seems like a very interesting individual. Also, I am very interested in sociology and how sociology has affected him. I also know that sociology is a difficult area of study because it is always changing and individuals have different views on how sociology affects the world. Also Dr. Conner likes…

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  • Verbal Miscommunication

    received the most recognition when they got correct answers, not questions. As life continues, this incentive continues. In a discussion between comedian Louis C.K. and the creator of the TED conference, Richard Saul Wurman, Wurman makes an interesting comment that, “In school, we are rewarded for having the answer, not for asking a good question. Which may explain why kids—who start off asking endless “why” and “what if” questions—gradually ask fewer and fewer of them as they progress through…

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  • Reflection Of The Acals To My Patient

    I noticed my client did a better job answering questions pertaining to more recent things. For example the question about “What hygiene products do you prefer?” She was able to tell me that she had to use a certain type of body wash because she had sensitive skin and when I went into her bathroom to see how it was set up I did notice she had a body wash specifically for sensitive skin. However, when it came to questions about her past she could not always give me an answer. On other occasions…

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