Present Moment Speech

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In life, there are many distractions and few realities that we choose to face on a daily basis. Humans feel as though they can avoid the harshness of reality by choosing to “focus” on the inconsequential thoughts that will eventually bring them back to suffering. The Buddha taught the Eightfold Path to liberate people form their false sense of eternal suffering and guide us toward a meaningful existence. The most crucial step towards enlightenment is explained by right mindfulness; remember to come back to the present moment. While we focus on paying attention to the ideas that keep us in the present moment, it is also important that we be mindful of the things we say and the how we listen to one another. Right speech highlights the importance …show more content…
I want to live in the present moment, inspire others with my words, and practice listening deeply. By actively reminding myself to practice these ideas, I will reduce the he amount of pain I make myself go through on a daily basis. Right mindfulness teaches the idea that living in the moment is an opportunity that we should be grateful for and take advantage of. I find myself running from place to place, trying to get things done in the most efficient way possible. This habit of trying to complete unfulfilling goals as quickly as possible has lead me to miss the beauty of fall, the unparalleled serenity of winter and the beginning of spring. To be mindful, according to Buddha, one must be able to “touch deeply the blue sky, the flower…” (p. 65) Taking things for granted is a central theme of this chapter, as Buddha makes us reflect on the people we affect on a daily basis. I need to practice living in the present moment and bring those around me that they can stop their suffering. I often overlook the fact that I will be going away to college and will not be able to see my mother for months at a time. While I should not be thinking about an event two months away, it serves as a reminder that I need to cherish the

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