Grant And Lee : A Study Of Contrast Essay

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Pertaining to American history it is vital to educate yourself about two symbolic men that put their differences aside so the Civil War could come to an end. Two men named Grant and Lee were able to do just that. In the reading “Grant and Lee: A Study of Contrast” by Bruce Catton, the author writes a compare and contrast essay detailing their backgrounds, personalities, and aspirations. When evaluating all of these contributing factors it is clear that Lee was vastly a more impressionable character than Grant.
When it comes down to these two men’s background Lee was perceived as more traditional. For example, the text states “His background were family, culture, and tradition” (Catton, 352). This can be interpreted as him being a caring man who valued the people around him and had an overall respect for the traditions and values he was raised upon. In contrast, Grant’s background was astoundingly tougher than Lee’s. To elaborate, “embodied nothing in particular except the external toughness and sinewy fiber of the men who grew up beyond the mountains” (Catton, 352). In other words, as Grant got older, he was not influenced by the people who surrounded him. He stuck to his passed down family traits of having a tough protective skin no matter what. After comparing the two men’s backgrounds, it’s easy to see that Lee was by far the more impressionable character. He was able to grow by learning values from the people around him without losing an ounce of pride while…

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