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  • Doyl's The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

    The story “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” by Sir Conan Doyl features Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Helen Stoner, and Dr. Roylott trying to solve a mystery. The story takes place at Stoke Moran, Dr. Ryolott’s mansion, in April, 1883. Helen Stoner visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to see if the detectives could solve her case. Helen tells Sherlock that her sister, Julia, died before she was married and now Helen fears that she could possibly die the same way. Helen does not know what had…

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  • A Jenner Research Paper

    Kylie: A Jenner(ally) Misrepresented Young Woman Kylie Jenner is an American reality television personality, socialite, and model. She is the youngest daughter of 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon winner Caitlyn Jenner (born Bruce) and TV personality Kris Jenner. Time magazine named her in “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014” for her considerable influence among teens on social media and the following year for “The 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015”. I picked Kylie Jenner because she is known…

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  • The Oppression Of Freedom In Bruce Lee's The Game Of Death

    remembering the image of Lee, that has also been used multiple times in other video shorts. Unfortunately, Bruce Lee’s cinematic career ended prematurely when he died from a drug overdose during the filming of Enter the Dragon, but Lee’s film popularity did not wane. In fact, Enter…

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  • Understanding The Meaning Of Art

    Even “Bruce Springsteen”, who’s not a rapper, a fellow rock artist shares a powerful song “American Skin(41 Shots)”, where in the middle of the song where Springsteen states, “41 shots, lena gets her son ready for school she says now on these streets Charles you…

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  • Ip Man Film Analysis

    In order to understand and accurately analyze how directors illustrate honor in Chinese martial arts film, it is imperative that we understand honor’s origin, meaning, and modern connotation. Historically, honor has been an incredibly intricate and important concept in Chinese martial arts and it has its roots in some of China’s most revered philosophers. Honor in martial arts has evolved from two primary philosophies; loyalty and universal love. Loyalty is the sense of devotion to a group i.e.…

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  • The Surgical Self Analysis

    If there is one essential element to contribute a strong performance on stage, the relationship with scene partners will be my primary concern. With all the advises from different professors, I am always instructed to put my scene partner as the priority in any circumstances. The philosophy of this technique provokes the basic practice in human relationship. One does not hold the authority unless the others allow you to, it is like a king will not be a king unless the community allows you to do…

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  • Martial Arts Influence

    He was not only an actor and martial artist, he was also film producer, director, and singer. During his acting years, various directors tried to portray Jackie Chan as another form of Bruce Lee and failed. Lee’s techniques were too different from the ones Jackie Chan knew. Instead, he created a whole new film genre: comedy action films. In average action films, the actors were usually serious in their fights and seen as great heroes,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Kardashian Teenage Girls

    In American society today, The Kardashian klan seems to have encompassed and mesmerized teenagers and young adults all around the world. From Kim to Kourtney to Khloe, they are seen in every aspect of a person’s daily life. Whether at the mall buying a Kardashian makeup product or flipping through television channels and watching their reality television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this family has spread through numerous nations; thus making them extremely influential figures.…

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  • Group Intervention Framework

    Skill The use of group intervention by occupational therapists under a cognitive behavioural framework. Group intervention Group intervention started in the early 20th century and continued development during the 1950’s due to an increased demand for therapists after the war (Weiten, 2007). The purpose of using group intervention is two-fold. The first is to provide a therapeutic service to several clients at a time. The second is to use the group itself as a therapeutic benefit for clients…

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  • Research Paper On The Parthenon

    In Athens Greece, c. 445 BCE, The Parthenon was a structure of mathematical, optical perfection, and was built as a temple to the goddess of Athena. During the High Classic Greece period, this marble structure stood 45 feet high, and was topped with a very detailed pediment, containing life sized figures, depicting the story of Athena's birth, symbolizing the passage of the day. As the structure stood in it's place, the world around it would go through many drastic changes, giving the structure…

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