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At CDR, the group is called Parent Group. This meeting was held in the morning from 9:30 AM until 11:30 AM, on April 20, 2016. There were about four to five parents present within the group who chose to stay and discuss topics within the group and connect with others.
Purpose of the group or meeting Parents who attend this Parent Group are able connect with different parents/adults whose children are attending Developmental Playgroup. This is a time in which parents can have a light breakfast, have an open discussion on a topic by the facilitator or by another parent, and gain support from others who may be lacking in support. The goals of the Parent Group was to have a light discussion on teaching/helping children learn to identify and express
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Supplemental information was provided for the group members in order to assist in this practice. The parents seemed to show no emotion one the topic was introduced, but once they began to read and discuss with another, the interest became stronger. When facilitating the Parent Group, I was a little afraid that this topic may not interest this group. My role within the group was to be that person in the room to help guide discussions and introduce a topic in which sparks conversation, but also share things I had learned in order to interact with the group. There were no mandated responsibility of the group members, but to share information and either seek/provide assistance. The group’s goal is to interact with one another and build relationships with one another. The topic was offered as a discussion for parents to share their stories and listen to the stories of other parents to learn new things to help with frustrations or challenges.
Analysis of group
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Tuckman, has been one of the most influential persons when working with groups. Understanding his concept of group formation becomes helpful. This Parent Group relates to his concept of group formation because the group seems to be in Stage three: Norming. They appropriately shared feelings and ideas, they gave feedback to one another, and explored ways that helped one another when they brought a challenging memory with their child. In the end they felt that this topic is not discussed enough and enjoyed discussing with one another. I am not sure if the group has reached Stage Four: Performing, because I am not in Parent Group

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