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  • Industrial Regulation In The United States

    Today industry in the United States is adherent to a sizeable quantity of complex regulation (“Our Mission and What We Do”). Industrial regulation in America is endorsed by few, despised by many, but misunderstood by most. Those in support of the strict scrutiny that America imposes on her industry understand the consequences of not doing so to be much more repugnant than the mounds of legal paperwork and slightly decreased profits that regulation can generate. A substantial amount of industrial…

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  • I Want To Pursue College Essay

    In the past I’ve shared about the impact of the books you “choose” to read, the people you “choose” to meet, and the places you ‘choose’ to visit. My life changed this summer because of where we chose to go, China! After the death of my father in 1988, I buried my head in the world of martial arts. I became a ‘dojo rat’ as they say. All day it was practice, practice, practice. Once I had somewhat developed my skills I was taught to teach, but it really wasn’t teaching, it was learning as I…

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  • Smoke Lilies And Jade Analysis

    The short extract from ‘Smoke, lilies and Jade’ by Richard Bruce Nugent is from a Bildungsroman play foretelling the plight of Alex - a 19-year-old, black, male facing internal conflicts and confusion in regards to his sexuality. Therefore, taking this context into consideration, the extract naturally issues an underlying, thematic patterning of fragmentation, uncertainty, and tension. From a close reading, these themes spill out through the content, the form, as well as the diction. In more…

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  • Amerithrax Case Study

    Applying Sensemaking to the Amerithrax Case In September 2001, America experienced a biological attack on US soil that resulted with the death of 5 americans and 17 being infected from letters laced with anthrax. As a result of this national crisis, the FBI was given the task of investigating the anthrax attack. This was the very first time that the FBI handled a case like this. In order to solve the anthrax case, the FBI used sensemaking. Sensemaking is the process of how an organization…

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  • Anthhrax Synthesis Essay

    The FBI’s investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks revealed several failures of sensemaking, both at the level of specific FBI investigatory procedures, and at the broader level of organizational sensemaking and identity threats. The sensemaking model is helpful for understanding the FBI’s actions because the former failures in sensemaking likely caused broader identity threats that could have, and should have triggered sensemaking at the organizational level. The FBI, in its investigation of…

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  • Technology Makes People Stupid

    “I can’t read War and Peace anymore,” Bruce Friedman confessed during a phone conversation with Nicholas Carr. “I’ve lost the ability to do that. Even a blog post of more than three or four paragraphs is too much to absorb. I skim it” (Carr 93). Individuals in this generation, do not want to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Between Grant And Lee

    famous generals, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, paved the way for new American ideals. Bruce Catton analyzes the contrast between the beliefs and strategies of Grant and Lee, while comparing their similar personalities in his essay, “Grant and Lee: A study in Contrast.” These two powerful generals, different yet similar, reflect the strength of opposing views which had come to a final collision. Catton creates a serious tone, while also developing symbolism and allusion to effectively…

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  • The Battle Of Gettysburg Analysis

    federal rout. What happened over this time span that caused the sudden shift in momentum during the civil war? This is the central question and theme of Bruce Catton’s book. Catton begins his analysis by examining the motivations often given of General Robert E. Lee’s ambitious invasion of the North during the Civil War. In doing so, Catton examines…

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  • The Role Of Social Media In The 2016 Election

    A Small Loan of One Million Dollars Hello my fellow Americans. I hope that the 2016 election year has brought joy and happiness to the citizens of the USA. Our candidates have done such a great job so far connecting to citizens through social media and the internet, but what are the lasting effects regarding social media? Social media affects the 2016 Presidential election due to Ignorance regarding internet sources, the political candidate’s similarities and differences making headlines, and…

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  • George Meade Battle Analysis

    Many historians have very different ideas of the both generals Joseph Hooker and George Meade as well as their successfulness as positive military leaders. Professor Allen C. Guelzo argues that the victory of the battle would have occurred also with Hooker in command because war decisions during the battle weren’t always made my Meade. General Meade was recorded present at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2nd at 1 p.m. The battle began on July 1st and the battle was on 3 days, this means Meade…

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