A Giant Has Been Awakened Analysis

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The devastation caused by war does not just affect the country's economical and political status but people within it especially those fighting. Soldiers usually get perceived as emotionless beings who will follow any command that are given to them without question. They do this in order to protect their country. In many cases this is true but they do have emotions and judgements, which they choose to ignore in order to survive. During and after the war is finished, many soldiers are affected by what they saw and went through during the war. My connections theme will be the portrayal of the soldiers throughout war and my four pieces are A Giant Has Been Awakened By Joe Pielmer, Saving Private Ryan Directed by Steven Spielberg, Zombies by The …show more content…
But how can this be true when both are killing? This could be all false as God may not be real which then they are believing in false luck and which means their sins are not washed away and will haunt them. This is shown in Bruce Springsteen’s Dust n Devils and the poem A Giant Has Been Awakened by Joe Pielmeier. I believe the connection is between how both sides of war state that God is on their side and fighting for their cause but how can God fight for both sides when they are fighting each other? This is explained in the poem by the quote “These cowards now will never sleep, God may forgive their soul. We will place them in a grave as they have dug the hole”. This can be similar to the quote in the song Dust n Devils when it says “we’ve got God on our side, we’re just trying to survive what if you do to survive kills the things you love.” This shows that though both sides of the war have God on their side and they believe that they will survive through God and they think God also justifies their horrible actions. In one of the Ten Commandments it says they shall not fight which goes against what God says. This means that they are using God as an excuse to justify their killings as right and for a good

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