Battle of Fredericksburg

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of Fredericksburg

    The Battle of Fredericksburg was one of the greatest wins for the Confederate army during the American Civil War. Artillery played a major role on many wars during the American Civil War, but none proved to have more of an effect than The Washington Artillery had at Fredericksburg. This battle stood to see the most troops out of any battle that took place during the American Civil War, almost 200,000 men. The Union army outnumbered the Confederates by 40,000 men. The use of artillery in this battle is what makes it so significant. The artillery firepower the Confederates had gave them a clear-cut advantage. Defensive positioning and location of the guns were just a few things the Confederates had on their side. Weather and terrain took…

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  • Seketta Skoloda Character Analysis

    Commonwealth of Virginia’s Division of Forensic Science Laboratory. While there, she won the respect of its renowned Director, the late Dr. Paul Ferrara, and rose to the position of Director of Security and the Forensic Police. In this position, Seketta: won the approval for the forensic police force to become armed. wrote the general orders for the department. ensured the laboratory’s compliance with the Commonwealth’s Department of Criminal Justice Services. In 2001, Seketta withdrew from…

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  • Civil War Movie Analysis

    it relates to slavery. The Gettysburg War was fought between the Union (the North) and the Confederates (the South). The Union wanted to do away with slavery and let African Americans have choices on where, how, and who they worked for while the confederates were content with slavery. The confederates even tried to argue that slaves had better lives living in America than in their native land Africa. After three long days of battle the Union prevailed defeating the Confederates whose resources…

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  • Reflective Essay On Geography

    First, transportation movement has not changed too much. A little town over from where I live, Mineral, still uses a train to transport goods. In Fredericksburg, a town forty-five minutes from where I live in which I work, they have an Amtrak Train that goes from Fredericksburg to Washington, D.C., which has been used for many year. One thing that has changed is that Fredericksburg started transit busing not too long ago that goes all around the town. The second movement is the impact of…

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  • George Meade Battle Analysis

    Many historians have very different ideas of the both generals Joseph Hooker and George Meade as well as their successfulness as positive military leaders. Professor Allen C. Guelzo argues that the victory of the battle would have occurred also with Hooker in command because war decisions during the battle weren’t always made my Meade. General Meade was recorded present at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2nd at 1 p.m. The battle began on July 1st and the battle was on 3 days, this means Meade…

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  • Hayfoot Strawfoot Analysis

    formal tone for those who want to know more about the hardships the men in the war had to go through. He does a nice job describing and giving examples of the hard times these soldiers had to go to. The audience and the writer both have an interest for knowing about the early war times. He makes it clear what he is trying to convey in this article. This work is significant because it helps us further understand what the soldiers in this time had to go through. It shows the men were…

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  • The Role Of Buggers In Ender's Game

    species, and the Battle School would…

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  • Themes In World War Z

    of this epidemic including the walking dead and their army of dread. In Continuation, there are not many characters that stick for the whole book except the interviewer. The interviewer is mysterious to some but a hero to others. He goes around the world to tell a story about this massive epidemic. From the book we can tell that he gives a lot of emotion and seeks the truth most of the time. He’ll go to extreme measures to get this story, that he’s NOT GETTING PAYED FOR, to basically sum up…

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  • Ideal Command Brazil

    We are all well aware that when our troops are cared for, they can perform better. A lot goes into maintaining healthy, proficient, and motivated troops. From my personal experience, I can assure everyone that one of the most important factors, aside from logistics, is the training environment. Yes, we should train as we fight. Yes, we do not choose the locations where we will be fighting in battle. However, when we do have the opportunity and resources to train in the perfect environment,…

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  • Military Power House Essay

    the team would have. HE would be more worried about going home and about his family, who would probably be helping in a factory making weapons for this war that he doesn’t approve in. One thing that the country would benefit from is the surplus of payment from the military for weapons and supplies. Factories would be able to thrive on the business… however, soon the weapons would have a disproportionate amount of ammunition. Then either the country will fall into another Depression, or war would…

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