Bruce Catton The Civil War Analysis

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8 Dec 2016
Catton, Bruce. The Civil War. Boston, Massachusetts, Mariner Books, 2004.
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Analysis of “The Civil War by Bruce Catton”
The Civil War is a novel written by Bruce Catton In his earlier life, Catton studied at Oberlin College, but he had to leave without a degree due to his service in World War I. After the war he returned home and became a journalist and an editor for the American Heritage magazine and later he became an American Historian, writing multiple books about civil war. In his book The Civil War, Catton writes a perceptive account of the conflicts between the South and the North during the Civil War through depth description
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Other nations including England, France and Russia were well aware of the situation in which the Americans were in, we were weak at the moment, Napoleon III took political advantages of the Civil War. He made a French state in Mexico. However, soon the Mexicans took over their land and executed their emperor. At the Fall of 1861, the Civil War ended with Britain. With more ten-thousand soldiers captive in Canada, England suggested that U.S apologize to Canada. This Did not go well, and Lincoln stepped forward and obliged a one-war-at-a-time policy and England agreed to help in the war by providing ships and equipments, but there was condition, they’d only help if America won the battle. This was a failure because U.S. lost at the Battle of Antietam and England backed up. The involvement of the Emancipation of Proclamation by Lincoln was a huge step. Lincoln signed the Emancipation of Proclamation in order to free the slaves who were captivated in Canada, however, only the southern slaves were freed, and not the Northerners. At this point the English completely backed up because they knew they could not support the cause of

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