Outcasts Essay

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When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for lonely people to be free with loneliness and to become as one with the rest of the world. Without doubt to explain why we deserve to be with the society, we as outcasts wrote our own declaration of independence for the rest of the world to see and understand why we should be and will be together and share bond with each other. As outcasts, we can sacrifice our life to be one with the world so that we do not feel insecure and die of living in our breathless world. On account of that reason I am writing this Declaration to declare the causes which impel us, outcast, not to be in the separation, but to be able to connect and live a life for humanity and for ourselves and for our cause. …show more content…
As if we have not suffered enough. Our complaints have however fallen on deaf ears. We have been utterly ignored. To the end we suffocated and released all our emotions to the deaf ears in vain. Our innocence has ruined the nature of this loneliness. The lonely shadow has turned into something else, unfamiliar to the innocent cries of the souls and are now trying to turn us into one which we do not want anymore. We have seen the horrors of the tears of darkness, hell and by all means will not be pulled by them anymore. We deny being pulled, or suffocating to that part of the world. Pulling us by our necks, ears bleeding, eyes sores but not anymore. We have even begged for forgiveness for leaving, for trying to pull ourselves out of the rope. We have appealed to doctors, talked with our parents and teachers, friends, taken medicines, admitted as psychopaths, as paralyzed victim and even tried to convince every creature in the world even the birds to be free from the shadows. But every one of our appeals have been blocked by the shadows and we must now announce that we are, before our hearts turn into ice cold stone, before our heart is filled with holes and before its filled with black ink we will be separating ourselves from the shadows and become one with the society because they have failed

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