Outcast United By Luma Mufleh: Community Analysis

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Luma Mufleh, a young educated woman, was out for a drive when she passed through Clarkston, Georgia. While she was driving by she saw many boys playing soccer on any patches of grass or flat land. Some had sandals on and some had no shoes on at all. Although she already was struggling with money, she quit her job and moved to Clarkston. Once there she started a soccer team called the Fugees. She wanted to unite the kids that were different. With her extra money, she bought the refugees groceries for their poor families, and before every practice, she used her extra time to tutor the kids and teach them english.
A community can be people living in the same place, sharing charistics, or feeling sense of fellowship. Outcast united shows many examples of a community based on these definitions. First off clarkston is a community. People live close to
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When Luma decides she wants to stay in the united states after university, her father is very upset, he cuts of all financial support until the end of the book, years later. The fugees also have complicated relationships. Many of them split up from family who was killed in their home countries, travelled to different refugee camps, or resettled in the united states. For example, Kanue was separated from his mom and his great aunt and was forced to move in with his uncle. Like many refugee families, Kanues uncle was torn between keeping his job that allow the family to have food and a place to live or wanting to actually be present at home to protect and provide for their children. Kanue was forced to do all the chores, well his uncle worked two jobs, and the same situation arose for Generose who had to leave her baby daughter at home with her 3 young sons while she

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