The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind Analysis

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Community: a unified body of individuals. In a community, people come together to achieve great things and work together to bring each other to success. The theme of “If you work together, you can succeed” is conveyed in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind through William’s education, the famine, and the process of building the windmill.

William’s problems with education were solved by the community around him; his father, his teacher, and the people at TED. William’s teacher, Mr. Tembo, him sneak into the back of the class for three weeks, risking his job. Without Mr. Tembo, he would have lost time learning in the classroom. Another way the theme is expressed is when his dad promised the profit of his tobacco crop to get William in school
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At Christmas, Charity gave William goat skin as a gift. The goat skin helped him make it through the famine, because it helped feed him more than enough and gain a little weight. During the famine, William’s family saw a truck of maize driving by. William’s family asked him to bike ten miles and stand in line all day to get this precious maize that would feed their family for months. If he hadn’t gone into town, his family couldn’t have gone on for much longer without the maize. He got shorted maize and people outside were offering him more money, but he stood strong and looked out for his family. Additionally, William’s dad worked in the fields, his sisters and mom prepared the food, William went into town to get maize; William’s family worked together to survive. Being a part of a community doesn’t just go one way. He may have gone into town to get maize, but his family also looked out for him too. Even though it was rough, William and the people around him worked together to outlast the …show more content…
Godsten William longed to build his windmill and supply energy for his home, but he couldn’t afford the dynamo that converted the wind into energy. Gilbert gave him the dynamo so his invention could be completed. The donation of the dynamo was a critical part of the completion of the windmill and to make it possible for William’s family to have energy. In the same fashion, his dad generously gave William the bicycle. Just like the dynamo, the bicycle was a crucial part of the windmill and he just couldn’t have done it without his dad. Mr. Godsten, a welder in William’s village, welds metal for William. If had not, William’s attempt at building a windmill would’ve crashed and burned when the high wind speeds caught the blades and ripped the contraption apart. William’s dreams came true through the windmill, which was only built through the help of Gilbert, his father, and Mr.

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