The Importance Of Social Media

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Lying on my bedroom floor, I cried. It wasn’t one of those angry cries or stress cries, it was a cry that highlighted the hurt and pain that consumed me. I couldn’t comprehend what I did to deserve any of it, so I just cried. No one could hear me. Earlier that day in 2012, I woke up to my regular, everyday routine. From the kitchen, my mom yelled, “Wake up! It’s time to get ready for school!” Grumbling, I got out of my bed and started getting ready. It was a lovely spring morning, and I was almost done with eighth grade. Not having a phone, I pulled out my iPod to check on what my friends were doing. Social media consumed my middle school mindset, and at the time, I couldn’t see how it was slowly eating my life away. Walking to the bus …show more content…
By an anonymous user, all it said was, “You’re ugly,” at the time, I didn’t know that these messages would persist.
* * * At the bus stop, I logged on to Formspring to see what the mean comment of the day was. Reading “You are the fakest person I ever met. Everyone talks shit about you so just give up,” I laughed to hide the pain I actually felt. Screenshotting the message to show my friends, I got on the bus and headed to school. It was just like any other morning. At lunch, I showed my friends what I had received that morning. “She is just jealous,” one would say. “She doesn’t even know you omg,” Another would respond. “Tell that person to … (fill in the blank with your own imagination).” Because I wanted to appear strong, I laughed along with them. With all of our mean responses combined, we came up with something to say back to the anonymous user. “I’ll send this her when I get home and hopefully she will be too scared to respond!” I eagerly told them, excited to give her a taste of her own
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Logging on to Formspring, I was ready to respond to the message. Before I could even hit send, I received another harsh message. Just like the messages before, it included, “Honestly no one likes you. You have no friends because you are a bitch.” Something, however, was different with this particular message. Instead of being sent from an anonymous user, the person behind the computer accidentally added her screen name. “Finally!” I announced to no one. “I now can look at this person’s profile to see if I know them!” As if my fingers were glued to my iPod, I clicked on Polarbearlover97’s profile to finally discover who was behind the

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