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  • High School Creative Writing

    One day I was in school and suddenly I was called out of class to head to the office. At first I was hesitating because I usually know when I will be called to the office. Now, I was only in third grade so the excitement and the adrenaline I had rushing through my body was kind of freaking me out. When I was told to go to the office, of course my friends had to be like, “OOOOh, Tyler’s in trouble!!” That made my heart race even faster than a bullet! Walking across the courtyard was scary it was so quiet. It almost seemed like I was in a graveyard from the low overhanging clouds and dark weather. I scurried to the office as quickly as I could. When I opened the seemingly gigantic door, I rustled my way in and saw my brother, chaotically waiting.…

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  • Sa2 Outcome Analysis

    Outcome 2 I choose to use SA2 for this outcome. This assignment is about analyzing the rhetorical choices and evidences choices made by others. I need to have a good understanding about the correct use of rhetorical choices in order to make just judgement about whether others make effective rhetorical choices or not. In addition, the evidences play an important role in a persuasive paper, so I also need to determine whether the authors choose effective evidences to support their main claims.…

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  • What Would I Change About The School System?

    I am going to start out by apologizing because this is going to be long. But I believe everything I say is worthy of saying so I hope you don’t just give up and stop reading. I am a person that doesn’t particularly like school. Something about being stuck in a classroom for seven hours and force fed facts I don’t always want to learn just has me counting down the days till summer. So are there things I would change about the school system? Yes. Is there an aspect I wouldn’t change about the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Two And A Half Men

    There are many ways to do this. I chose to look at things with an incontrovertible sense of humor. Humor is what allowed me to adapt to all the change that has been thrown at me in my lifetime. There is one time in particular that would have been tough for me if I hadn’t found the humor…

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  • Why I Choose Texas

    I have had the great opportunity to have lived in several different locations around the United States. Branching off into three states and then subcategorized into cities based on the location of each. I have traveled the United States for many years, traveling from one city to another. Staring from birth I have moved and lived in many different homes, classifying each location into states and from there branching off into cities. I have had the great fortune of living in Texas first. Texas…

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  • Why I Choose Soccer

    As long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of soccer. Growing up in Europe, soccer was a very popular sport and was played by every child in its early years. I was born In Switzerland, being active and taking part in sports has always been a necessity in growing up as it is with almost every kid growing up. The reason to which I decided to pick soccer rather than other sports was mainly due to the reason that I am more of a team player rather than playing alone. It is understandable that making…

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  • Choosing A Place Where I Choose

    the first step is choosing where I will be taught how to work through my new life. Choosing this place, like W.B. Yeats said, shouldn’t be finding a place to goof off and just memorizing information, but it should be a place where I will gain a spark of knowledge that will cause me to innovate and change the world instead of just dragging my feet through it all. I, however, am having troubles deciding on which creativity inducing place I must choose. The two universities that I am having trouble…

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  • Why I Choose The Life Of Me

    life of me Why I choose to live they way I do and what caused me to do so. From a young age I always had to deal with fighting from everyone, being lied to, and most of the time forgotten by my family. I never really got to stay in one school for to long because of a court case with my parents and there constant fighting. My family is a little messed up no one ever really takes responsibility for something bad that happens but they jump right on it and take credit for it when in reality they…

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  • Why Do I Choose Insulin?

    In this essay, I will be writing about a scientific discovery of my choice. I have therefore decided to choose Insulin as my chosen subject due to it being one of the best medical discoveries ever made. Insulin is used worldwide and has a great importance in all patients with type 1 diabetes, and for some patients with type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetics must take insulin daily in order to survive. Before the discovery of insulin, millions of people lost their lives due to having diabetes.…

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  • Why I Choose To Become A Nurse

    Why did I choose to become a teacher? That is a question that I kept reflecting on since this year. When I was in sixth grade, my teacher told me that I would make a great teacher someday. It all happened when I was standing in front of the class showing my own classmates how to do a math problem on the white board. When my teacher made that statement it took me by surprise because I never really did think of it. Of course I was young to think about what I wanted to do but many people had dreams…

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