Why I Choose The Life Of Me

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The life of me Why I choose to live they way I do and what caused me to do so. From a young age I always had to deal with fighting from everyone, being lied to, and most of the time forgotten by my family. I never really got to stay in one school for to long because of a court case with my parents and there constant fighting. My family is a little messed up no one ever really takes responsibility for something bad that happens but they jump right on it and take credit for it when in reality they had nothing to do with it. The main reason why I chose the life I have is because I never want to see my kids grow up the way I had to dealing with not knowing where your going on the weekend who really cares about you and who doesn 't weather or not there going to see the other parent or not because of drugs or other reasons I just want to make their life better then mine has been. From being young and always having fighting going on around you physical or verbal isn 't healthy for a child. Guess my family never got the memo on that they were always fighting in front of us and it was mainly physical fights. The one time it happened at my elementary school up in Ogden …show more content…
I want them to know that everything is fine and that they don 't need to worry. With wanting this I do realize that I won 't be home as often as I would like with my kids because of school and work but in the end I am doing it for the better for them. I just hope that they see it that way and not that I don 't want to be with them so I just pin them off on a nanny or their other family members because in the end I love my kids I just don 't want them to go through what me or my other half had to go through. I just want them to be happy but for that there are sacrifices that I have to make for that to happen I just hope they understand what I am doing is the best for

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