The Importance Of Rhetorical Choices

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Outcome 2
I choose to use SA2 for this outcome. This assignment is about analyzing the rhetorical choices and evidences choices made by others. I need to have a good understanding about the correct use of rhetorical choices in order to make just judgement about whether others make effective rhetorical choices or not. In addition, the evidences play an important role in a persuasive paper, so I also need to determine whether the authors choose effective evidences to support their main claims. Through this assignment, I also reflect on my writings and think about how I can improve my paper using other people’s paper as references.
To read, analyze, and synthesize complex texts and incorporate multiple kinds of evidence purposefully in order to
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However, the evaluation itself need to be persuasive and has evidences to support it. In the assignment, I read two articles comparatively so that I make my evidences sufficiently support my main claim. Every piece of evidence is carefully picked from the context of the original paper for specific reason, so they are the most effective ones that could add points to my claim from different aspects.
- The writing demonstrates an understanding of the course texts as necessary for the purpose at hand.
Clearly I need to understand the papers themselves before evaluating them. I show my understanding to be sufficient by summarizing the main claims of the two papers. “She (Leslie, Larry Z) argues that celebrities are social-psychological creations and behave no better than the rest of us, so they have no responsibilities as role models.” (SA2, Pg. 1) And “(James G. Mitchell) suggests that celebrities are role models for both adults and children.” (SA2, Pg. 1) Other than main claims, I point out the evidences they use in the paragraphs where I talk about each of their paper in detail.
- Course texts are used in strategic, focused ways (for example: summarized, cited, applied, challenged, re-contextualized) to support the goals of the
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However, I choose to divide these papers into sections, and each section has its own argument. Each of the evidence is interrelated to make the overall claim stronger. So I view them separately and also as a whole in order to determine their effectiveness. “First, she points out that it is unclear that who qualifies as a celebrity in today’s technology-rich media environment.” (SA2, Pg. 1) “Second, society’s changing moral values have essentially eliminated the need for celebrities as role models.” (SA2, Pg. 1) “Third, and most importantly, celebrities do not behave differently than most other members of the society.” (SA2, Pg.

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