Personal Narrative: Personal Essay: A Day In School

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One day I was in school and suddenly I was called out of class to head to the office. At first I was hesitating because I usually know when I will be called to the office. Now, I was only in third grade so the excitement and the adrenaline I had rushing through my body was kind of freaking me out. When I was told to go to the office, of course my friends had to be like, “OOOOh, Tyler’s in trouble!!” That made my heart race even faster than a bullet! Walking across the courtyard was scary it was so quiet. It almost seemed like I was in a graveyard from the low overhanging clouds and dark weather. I scurried to the office as quickly as I could. When I opened the seemingly gigantic door, I rustled my way in and saw my brother, chaotically waiting. Apparently, my parents were coming to get us out of school that day, but I had no idea why. My parents finally arrived, and as soon as Caleb and I saw them we rushed over to the door and welcomed them with open arms and gave them enormous hugs. They were so excited to see us that they gave us even bigger hugs than we gave them. They talked to the desk people and signed us out and as soon as we walked outside. My parents raced us to the car. I won of course.
My brother asked, “Where are we going, mom?” My dad told us,
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We were dancing and just having a good ol’ time. As soon as we were on the road, I asked if I could play some music. They said of course and let me choose. Since I am the oldest I got to choose first. My brother, being the brat he is, started whining at my music choice. He likes R&B, lovey-dovey music, while I am over here listening to Warren G and Snoop Dogg. I listen to all sorts of music, but rap is what I have been listening to my whole life. My brother and I are totally different musically. As an example, he plays the clarinet while I play the trumpet. We finally decided that I would get to choose the music halfway there and he would get to choose the other

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