Personal Narrative: How Jason Changed My Life

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Ever since I was born, my brother, Jason, has always pushed me to be better than him. In some ways, Jason treated me like I was a boy. I hung out with his friends, played sports with him, and after a while I started acting like him. Now, we are only different because socially he struggles with having friends, but being social is more natural for me. Although my parents would deny it, they raised two identical people. Growing up in the Chapman house came with a magnitude of high expectations related to sports. Jason always beat me up,which at the time I was not able to realize, it was making me stronger. During those times I hated him, I was getting beat up by someone who was supposed to be the one on my side. However, looking back I know that he did it out of pure love. He knew the physical expectations my dad had for us, and Jason helped me please our dad.Our dad isn’t crazy, nor does he expect perfection all the time, Steve just knows what we are capable …show more content…
He winged almost everything he did, and I unfortunately inherited that trait. But growing up, he always made me do things individually, and he never helped me with anything he knew I could figure out. By doing this, he made me learn how the world works, and how to do things on my own, and gave me something I would way rather have than being academically smart. I know common sense isn’t something that can be taught, but I think my brother played a major part in why I have so much common sense. Wether it is figuring out how to work something without instructions, or even how to run a restaurant efficiently during rush, Jason taught me how to think and figure it out. Jason definitely made me think differently, but I am not going to give him all the credit for making me so ‘street smart’. My dad played a huge role in this part of my life, he made me live independently. He knew I could do most things on my own, and he wanted me to show myself that I

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