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  • Case Study Of Pat Solitano's Family

    In between those periods, majority of people feel normal. There are several different types of bi polar disorders. Here are just a few examples: Bi Polar Disorder I: one or more manic episodes (or mixed episodes). Which is when you experience symptoms of depression and mania. Bi Polar Disorder II: one or more major depressive episodes and at least one episode of hypomania. Not Otherwise Specified (NOS): does not have a particular pattern of moods and behaviors. Cyclothymic: mild form of bi polar characterized by several hypomanic episodes. Rapid Cycling: experiences more manic, hypomanic, or depressive episodes. Personally, I think this movie does a very good job of portraying bi polar disorder. In the movie, there were examples of his mood changes and how he would be happy one minute and then it could shift easily into anger or sadness. This also displayed about not having a lot of sleep or just changes in sleep in general which is a characteristic of having a bi polar disorder. I won’t say that I can necessarily critique this movie on if it does not show enough of what it’s like to have a bi polar disorder…

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  • Mental Illness In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Throughout the play the reader notices that the main character, Hamlet, has a very noticeable mental illness.Having spent time analysing exactly what this mental illness is, I have a strong belief that it could be considered bipolar disorder. Although many could see other illness fitting with Hamlet, bipolar disorder is the most apparent and noticeable. According to the mayo clinic the formal definition of bipolar disorder is “formerly called manic depression, is a mental health condition that…

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  • Ellen Waters Case Summary

    when reactive to a negative life event. It appears that Ellen would benefit from psychopharmacology such as Depakote, lithium bicarbonate. However, it may also behoove us to consider using abilify to augment an SSRI-as long as the SSRI does not activate her hypomania (Beidel et al/ 2014). Ethically it would be best to boundary Ellen, to inform her that treating her with psychotherapy alone, is not in her best interest. Multiple studies that were reviewed and summarized conclude that…

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  • Habitual Offender Laws: The Effectivity Of Three Strikes Law

    disorder develop it in their late teen or early adult years.” With this evidence it can be proven that during her last charge filed against her in 2003 at age 39, she should had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder since she is passed her early adult years. There is another way to prove that she in fact had bipolar disorder; however, this other way proves the opposite. According to NAMI, people with bipolar 1 disorder must have multiple “episodes of both mania and depression” or “have a manic…

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  • Bipolar Turmoil Case Study

    Bipolar turmoil is a constant mental issue described by scenes of raised temperament, generally exchanging with scenes of sorrow. For the vast majority, bipolar confusion is a deeply rooted condition requiring progressing treatment. Bipolar I issue: This is described by at least one hyper scenes or blended scenes (indications of both madness and sadness) enduring no less than seven days. A man or woman will likewise encounter times of despondency with scenes lasting no less than two weeks. It is…

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  • Theme Of Madness In Hamlet

    Madness. Rarely has one small word developed such a complex meaning throughout history and in the modern era. Madness is frequently viewed as a product of manipulation, as a state of being mentally ill. The truth, however, is that madness is an intricate mean of expression. It provides an escape from reality, when one’s environment is the source of deep pain and confusion. In essence, madness is not a disease, but rather a coping mechanism that exposes a person’s demeanor and unconscious…

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  • Bi-Polar Disorder Analysis

    Bi-polar disorder can be challenging most of us who suffer from this disease experience mood swings, depression, feelings of isolation, and instability. My personal challenges were instability, I was unstable when it came to my emotional relationships with my husband and children. The slightest thing would set me off. Nobody understood me not even myself. I often found solitude in isolating myself from everyone, that way I could make sure that my emotions were my own. This caused my family…

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  • Mental Illness In The Glass Castle

    Sydney Browning 11/13/15 9th Lit Kowalske Mental Illness There are many mental illnesses that should be addressed in the book The Glass Castle . One of the many mental illnesses that should be addressed in the book is Bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder is a disorder where you have frequent mood swings and it can last from a few weeks or the rest of your life. Some symptoms of this disorder are 1) Poor financial choices 2)Feeling overly high 3) Feelings of sadness 4) Fatigue and…

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  • Red Hunting Hat Symbolism

    The Catcher in the Rye is a story about a boy who is named Holden who struggles in life and making his own decisions but, he finally gets his life straightened out after he’s in a mental hospital. The Catcher In the Rye By: J.D. Salinger is a story about a teenager who is explaining his life story while he is in an Asylum. He has three things besides Phoebe that helps him get through his struggles including, The red hunting Cap, Allie’s Baseball Mitt and the Carousel these all represent…

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  • Bipololar Disorder Case Study

    The world is a busy place. Many demands are made on our time. So how do we squeeze in quality time for ourselves? One thing that I have noticed is people not suffering from Bipolar Disorder, don’t understand how truly draining it is. They make seemingly simple demands on your time and then are confused or even upset when you can’t follow through. I want to give a glimpse into the Bipolar brain to explain why that is. First of all, if you have Bipolar Disorder, you probably spend the majority…

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