A Submarine Research Paper

Submarine is a special type of watercraft, that is able to sink in the water or float on the water. This watercraft was invented by dutchman in the service of James l of England in 1620.. His name was called Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel. Many people have redesigned different types of submarines after Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel, they are David Bushnell,Robert Fulton and Simon Lake.People first use submarine as weapon during the 17th century, which is during the American revolution and brought a victory to America. A submarine is powerful weapon for the navy in any country. Submarine consists of many parts.The main parts to make submarine work (move, float and sink) are ballast tank, planes and engines
First,ballast tank is a huge tank have
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It 's the fins on submarine. Just like the fishes have fins on their bodies to help them swim and dive. The planes on submarine are similar to the wings and control surfaces “(swiveling flaps)”(http://www.explainthatstuff.com/submarines.html) on an airplane. When the propellers of submarine push it forward, water rushed over the planes, cause a downward or upward force that help the submarine slowly rise or fall. When the submarine dives in the water, the fins can help move the direction they wanted by changing angle of the of the fins on the back of the submarine. The planes of your submarine is used to helps the submarine to dive in the water. There is a difference between ballast tank and planes. Ballast tank only helps submarine to sink not dive.However planes help submarine to dive in the depth of water. The maximum depth a submarine can dive is 800 feet. The submarine knows the direction when they dive in the water because of the navigation system similar to the airplane’s navigation system it tells them which direction they want to …show more content…
The cars and trucks are using Gasoline engines and diesel engines and planes are using jet engines.These need to oxygen from the air to make them work. Submarine engines is different from those engines. Submarine operate underwater which there is no air.The submarine engines are using electric like the hybrid vehicle, these engines known as diesel engines. The diesel engine can run the generators that recharge a very large battery bank or run the propellers.Once the battery tank are full charged , the submarine can turn off the engine go underwater, where it relies entirely on battery power. Because of Early submarine was not advanced than now so, it 's using the breathing tube called snorkels to give air to their engines. Which mean they have to float up on the water every time when the engines run out of energy. Some submarine are using the nuclear power plant similar to diesel engine drive the electric motor and propellers to generate the power for the engines no matter on the surface of the water or deep underwater. This do no requires the air to

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