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  • Mammography Essay

    The National Health Service breast screening programme (NHSBSP) was introduced in 1988 with the aim to decrease the incidence and mortality rate of breast cancer (1). Mammography is the primary diagnostic tool of the NHSBP and is offered to women every 3 years (2). Originally screening was available to woman aged 50-64, this was extended to 50-70 in 2003. In England a further extension to the screening age is being rolled out (47-73, (1). The extension of the effective age bracket makes it vital that that the programme is effective. ,This report will evaluate the cost of implementation, the radiation dose and psychological factor effecting the participants in the NHSBSP. The report will also discuss the development of equipment…

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  • Essay On Mammography

    Mammography is specialized medical imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside the breasts. It aids in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. It is used as a screening tool to detect early breast cancer in women experiencing no symptoms. They can also be used to detect and diagnose breast disease in women experiencing symptoms such as a lump, pain, skin dimpling or nipple discharge. It is the preferred screening examination for breast cancer as it is widely…

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  • Mammography Process Conclusion

    Essay plan Introduction - it is a question why some women refuse to accept invitation for breast cancer screening Body Global incidence - cancer as a second most common type of cancer -high rate of breast cancer in high income countries Breast compression - why is necessary, mammography process explanation Risk factors – age - cancer increases with age and why -genetic factor-breast cancer in the family Advantages of breast cancer…

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  • Mammography Research Paper

    I am exploring the profession of Mammography. After completing my Associate 's Degree through Northwestern State University and completing the Radiologic Technology program at Baton Rouge General Hospital, I plan to continue my education and become a mammography technologist. A mammography technologist examines breast tissue with medical imaging equipment. The technologist is looking for any abnormalities in the tissue. Radiologists and oncologists use these images to make a diagnosis on…

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  • Disadvantages Of Using Mammograms To Diagnose Breast Cancer

    Mammograms are used to help detect breast cancer in the early stages to increase survival rates among patients. Eltoukhy (2012, p. 123) says that digital mammography play an effective role in breast cancer survival. As causes of breast cancer are still widely speculated, early detection helps with cancer treatment. Although Depypere (2014, p. 482) states that mammograms are more effective for women over 50. With a study showing that out of 1000 mammograms 3 breast cancers will be detected and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Mammograms

    mammograms every other year would still lead missing up to 30% of cancers. Mammography is a very important key in the diagnosis that could save numerous lives, but there is several controversies we will be discussing that comes along with it. A mammogram is simply an x-ray of the breast. There are…

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  • Essay On Mammograms

    The diagnostic mammogram requires more time, thus, longer exposure to radiation of x-rays to obtain images from all possible angles of the breasts. Enhancement of pictures of suspicious areas is critical to assist the diagnosis process by the doctor. History of the Mammogram Since the mammography…

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  • Mammogram Argumentative Essay

    different forms. Every person has different beliefs and different opinions, and with that comes different fears. Some people are afraid of snakes and spiders, while others are scared of heights. However, fears, like beliefs and opinions, are not all about an individual. Other people in your life can influence your beliefs, opinions, and fears. This can all be compared to the 50% of US women ages 40-85 that do not get their annual mammograms due to fear, false information, and trustworthy…

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  • The Importance Of Mammogram Screening

    There are many women in the United States who begin mammogram testing at the age of forty, however, there are a high number of women out there who are afraid to get tested for breast cancer or cannot afford the costs for mammography screening. The CDC (2014) states that breast cancer is the number one leading cause of death amongst women in the United States. In the year 2014, it was estimated that there were over 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 62,570 new cases of situ breast…

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  • The Importance Of Breast Cancer

    Early detection can be done either by early diagnosis, identifying through signs and symptoms, and screening. Mammography screening, breast self examination (BSE) and clinical breast examination (CBE) are important screening methods that all women should be aware of. Advanced Practice Nurses are in a unique position to positively contribute to the efforts to raise awareness levels of these screening methods. These methods need to be a part of the regular health care provided to women –…

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