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  • Reflection On The VIA Survey Of Strengths

    This semester, among other classes, I am taking a positive psychology course. Our first assignment in this course was to take the VIA Survey of Strengths on the University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness website. It is a 240 question survey that, when completed, assigns you your top five personal strengths. Before I took this survey I do not think that I was very aware of my own mental gifts. Likely because I did not think it would do me any good to recognize them. Since I took this survey and completed a reflective paper on it, I now understand that realizing and understand your mental strengths is paramount in the process of expanding and strengthening your mind. The survey deducted that my strongest mental gifts include, but are not limited to: memory, attention, and judgement. My skilled memory has proved useful time and time again. Whether it be in school or in my personal life, it has always been a gift. I have an Eidetic memory; therefore, I am able to remember visual images that I have seen in great detail. This has proven useful on many tests and assignments in the past. It is also useful in my personal life in instances when someone important to me mentions that they enjoyed or appreciated something. After that, I am able to remember these little details and bring them back up when it counts. My memory is great now. However, this is not uncommon. According to Dr. Mercola brain function “peaks during early adulthood and from there on slowly declines”…

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  • Relationship Between Brain And Consciousness

    increased memory capacity. One more interesting fact about Peek is that when he was 18 years old he was hired to manage payroll for 160 people without using calculator and was later fired in his early 30’s because the authorities computerized the payroll. It took two full time accountants and a computer to replace him. Aurelien Hayman: This guy is even more interesting than Peek. “Oh! Really? What did he do?” He can never forget any instance in his life. “What! a guy who can never forget? Is…

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  • Crayen, Paw, And The Stones

    sixteen mortals with just a bite . Twelve days after birth, Crayen was a young adult, he stayed this age for seven days, then which his mother could tell that this would be his age forever. Over the next few days Crayen started to show that he had more powers. Crayen was the smartest hero there is because he had hyperthymesia, which means he can remember everything that he ever sees, reads, hears, or smells. Crayen also has telekinetic powers which is when he can move objects with his mind, but…

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