Crayen, Paw, And The Stones

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Crayen, Paw, and the Stones
The hero was born from a grapefruit seed his name is Crayen. His mother, Persephone, queen of the underworld, ate the grapefruit seed and after a shimmer of Cesium fell into a deep sleep for six days. After she awoke she was pregnant with her first and only child. When Crayen was born it shook the whole world and the underworld. After six days of being an infant, Crayen turned into a preteen. Persephone gave her son a gift on this day, she gave him Paw, the puppy of Cerberus. Paw also has three heads, but unlike his father, he can make them appear as one. Paw can also run seventy miles an hour, roughly the same as a cheetah. Aldo his bite has poisonous venom that could kill up to sixteen mortals with just a bite
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Crayen also has telekinetic powers which is when he can move objects with his mind, but with this power there is great danger. Everytime he uses this telekinesis it makes the power stronger, after time he won’t be able to control it. He also has the power accelerated healing factor, allowing him to heal faster with less pain as a normal god. Because of his healing factor, he will always have one cut on his leg that will never fully heal. Crayen also has a few weaknesses that come with his …show more content…
“Your daughter is Persephone?”
“Yes, yes I can’t believe I have a grandchild!” Demeter says with amazement.
She hugs Crayen, and falls to her knees weeping for her daughter who 's stuck in the underworld.
Crayen and Paw stay the night at Demeter’s house. Right before Crayen and Paw are about to leave Demeter asks Crayen for a favor. “Can you take me to see my daughter, I need to see her?”
“I’m sorry, but I can’t. Hades has been good to me, and I can not betray his trust” explains Crayen.
“That monster! He doesn’t know how to be nice he is evil, and will never be anything better than a psychopath.”
“I know you may not think anything of him, but he had the chance to kill me, but he didn’t. He cares about me and your daughter more then you can ever imagine. You need to understand that your daughter might not have liked it when she had to go the underworld, but I see her smile, she is free from all the judgement that people like you give her.” Crayen stated, soon after, they left without saying anything

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