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  • Is The Internet Making Us Dumber By Nicholas Carr Analysis

    a study that texts read on the internet that have links included in them are actually harmful to our ability to understand the texts, as opposed to texts read from a paper. “People who read text studded with links, the studies show, comprehends less than those who take in information in a more sedate and focused manner.” (Carr) Again, he makes no reference to the studies he is using to support his argument. However, with a little research, it can be found that the study he is referring to refers to hypertext. Hypertext is an academic construct that, according to Scott Rosenberg of the Word Yard Project, was invented by Ted Nelson in 1965 “to describe that, unlike traditional linear writing, spreads out in a network of nodes and links.” He goes further to distinguish that hyperlinks, such as those that we see in news articles, and Wikipedia, are actually tools to help cross reference and deepen our understanding of the topic, and the study that Mr. Carr references, Reading Hypertext and the Experience of Literature, is not related to it. Furthermore, in this study, no comparison to the use of the written word was studied. (Miall & Dobson, 2001). Another point that Mr. Carr makes is that having constant external notifications can seriously affect one’s concentration, and that these people are less creative and productive. “Only when we pay deep attention to a new piece of information are we able to associate it ‘meaningfully and systematically with knowledge already…

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  • Comparing The Terms Web Object, Website, And Web Page?

    Video frame - Rectangle of individual points. Web server - An information technology that processes requests via HTTP. Web browser - A software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. Web address - An address where you can be found online. If you have a business, customers can find you online via a web address. Web page - A document commonly written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that is accessible through the…

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  • Dangers Of Bad Internet Website

    hands of criminals. My top 10 websites valid websites are 1.navyfederal.org 2. usaa.com 3. .ebenefits.va.gov 4. Google.com 5. Usarmy.mil 6. curiousworld.com 7. pbskids.org 8. abcmouse.com 9. Kidzo 10. Ask kids. navyfederal.org, usaa.com, .ebenefits.va.gov, Google.com and Usarmy.mil are considered safe because it’s a secured site, has a valid certificate to show it secure. There contact information and the last time it was updated. The next five websites that are made strictly for kids, which…

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  • Essay On Characteristics Of A Good Manager

    Question 1 Browse the internet and make comparisons of three key figures or leaders of an organizational heads. Develop a list of characteristics to make those individual good managers. Then, for each of the characteristics, identify which management function it falls under. There are so many characteristics for be a good or excellent managers. Characteristic of manager is depending on the organization’s objective or goal. 1. ORIENTATION TOWARDS RESULT One of the characteristic is…

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  • Case Study Of The Deepwater Horizon Spill

    HOME LAB DEEPWATER HORIZON, PART 1 There is a vast amount of information available regarding the Deepwater Horizon incident. The primary purposes of this lab are (a) to provide you an opportunity to read about the spill incident and the factors effecting environmental concerns, and (b) to help you learn to process the information, especially when it is conflicting, in such a way as to discount ‘bad’ information, acknowledge ‘good’ information, and gain useful knowledge from the overall…

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  • Local SEO Case Study

    Chapter 8: Local SEO Almost all web pages have the letters WWW before the name of the web page. This stands for world wide web. The words indicate that placing any information on the internet opens it out to scrutiny all over the world. However, when you are seeking customers, what you should aim to accomplish is having all the information available in your local area, so that you can benefit from significant growth. The reasons that local SEO is growing is because there are more people using…

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  • Why Do Companies Use Internet Cookies

    When a person logs into a website, and the website states “Welcome back [insert username here]“ this is done with cookies. When a user logs into a website without the need to enter their credentials to allow access is also done with cookies. Cookies play an important role in our day-to-day activities online. The major issue with all of this convenience is that cookies are also used to track browsing habits of users. Which is a concern of many Internet users, because cookies can track Internet…

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  • The Stanley Parable Analysis

    This essays main analysis will focus around the element of control that hypertexts possess. I’m going to be looking at how specific features of the hypertext are affected by control, and in turn, how these influence the readers/players decisions. The hypertext narrative I have chosen to analyse is a game called The Stanley Parable written by Davey Wreden. The game involves you playing as a man named Stanley who one day believes all his co-workers are gone. It is narrated by a voiceover who gives…

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  • The Importance Of Print Books

    According to Cook C. Et Al. (2005:67-72) , some universities as Texas Tech and others has offered internet-based courses with these characteristics. Despite of number of electronic materials developed by professors, the use of printed book remain important for a high level in formation of students because of the level of these books is considered reliable. Thus, It is essential to consider feasibility and reliance that printed books establish in the education system and that is not supplied in…

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  • Wampum As Hyper Context: An American Indian Analysis

    Nikyra Capson Wampum as Hypertext: An American Indian Intellectual Tradition of Multimedia Theory and Practice The wampum as hypertext is an interesting observation made by the author, and at first, I didn’t believe that it could completely meet the requirements. The definition of hypertext; is text which contains links to other text. I was confused on how belts could be considered fit into the definition, especially since they didn’t have any words and are mostly made up of patterns.…

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