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  • Wikipedia In Education

    Current technology such as laptops and internet, has allowed the growth of collaborative learning by giving people instant access to information, the best example of which is Wikipedia. There is no doubt that Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia now, but it is still uncommon to see the use of Wikipedia in classrooms. The truth is, Wikipedia is one of the best candidates for learning tools, because of its collaborative nature. The reason behind the unpopularity of Wikipedia is that many focus only on the downside of the collaboration on Wikipedia. Nowadays, because of the instance access to vast amount of information provided by the internet, peer knowledge production rather than individual learning is an ideal mode of learning, as…

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  • Definition Essay: What Is Wikipedia Inaccurate?

    What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia used for finding what some people call “facts”, information, details and content about a certain person, place or thing. Some people would rate Wikipedia pretty high simply because its always the first site that pops up when looking for answers to a logical question or even going as far as to determining the context of a statement. Others would rate Wikipedia extremely low simply because anyone is eligible to place their own thoughts and…

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  • How Important Is Wikipedia's Neutrality Policy?

    Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is written by thousands of volunteers who have open access to the articles. Just like any other wiki, anyone can join and edit articles on Wikipedia. 2. How does Wikipedia work? What is different about this operation from other encyclopedias? Anyone can become a member and create or edit a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia is run by all the volunteers who contribute to the articles and relies on these volunteers to maintain the site. This differentiates Wikipedia…

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  • The Lives Of Others Analysis

    director explores the history of Wikipedia, and questions whether or not anyone can have the authority to go online and change articles as they wish. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, says, “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.” Free access to the sum of all knowledge is not the only thing Wikipedia is doing. It is also giving free access to change, edit and manipulate the sum of all human…

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  • Mexican Immigration Essay

    The border along Mexico and the United States should be taken off because it will bring amazing things to america if we collaborate with Mexicans. CITATIONS: "Mexico–United States Border." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 10 June 2016. N.D. Web. 10 June 2016 "Mexico." Economy: Facts, Population, GDP, Corruption, Business, Trade, Inflation. “Crime in Mexico.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 9 June 2016. Web. 10 June 2016. Goo, Sara Kehaulani, and Posts. What Americans want to…

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  • Internal Affairs Analysis

    The “Internal Affairs” Wikipedia page needed a lot of work and still needs a lot more information. It had little to no information on the subject. Even after adding new content to the page, there is still a lot of material that needs to be covered. The article is somewhat informative; it is adequate enough to give readers the gist of the topic. The content that was added this semester adequately described the police behavior of the internal affairs unit to a point. The article does address…

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  • Observation: The Importance Of Structure In The Classroom

    I have heard of the encyclopedia, but I have never actually seen it and I was unaware that the encyclopedia had an online website. After my observation at Bangor High School, I decided to look more closely to Britannica and I was pleasantly surprised how well the encyclopedia was set up. Britannica has some similarities to Wikipedia, but it seems to be better set up and more reliable. I have always used Wikipedia with my research papers and such, but I now believe that I will start using…

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  • Merits Of Wikipedia

    In “Wikipedia is an Important Source of Information,” the author Craig Belanger contends that Wikipedia is an innovative and appropriate way to access information. By stating the exact number of the whole content of Wikipedia, Belanger emphasizes the continuing growth of Wikipedia and importance of the new way of thinking the site has provided. The author praises the exclusive driving force of Wikipedia, the Web 2.0 service, which allows all users to create and share their information. The…

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  • Effects Of Long Hour Burnout

    7 October 2011 Effects on Nurses Working Long Hours Patients in a hospital and/or healthcare facilities have to be cared for all day and all night, everyday of the week by nurses. The usual way to fulfill this need is to divide up the day into three 8-hour shifts. Different shifts have been put into place to help improve nurse satisfaction, decrease the nursing shortage and save the hospital money. The 24-hour day is made up of two 12-hour shifts; 12 hours in the day and 12 hours at night.…

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  • Wikipedia Is Credible

    Many people are questioning the use of Wikipedia as a legitimate research source. A legitimate source can be defined as a source that is well written with factual information by an author who is credible in the field to which the source is discussing. According to this definition, Wikipedia is not a legitimate source because anyone can contribute to an article with little to no expertise. Not everyone agrees, however. Some people say that Wikipedia is on its way to becoming a credible source by…

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