Essay On Characteristics Of A Good Manager

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Question 1
Browse the internet and make comparisons of three key figures or leaders of an organizational heads. Develop a list of characteristics to make those individual good managers. Then, for each of the characteristics, identify which management function it falls under.
There are so many characteristics for be a good or excellent managers. Characteristic of manager is depending on the organization’s objective or goal.

One of the characteristic is orientation towards results. Being result-oriented is an important to achieve their goals. Having a competitive nature and taking pride in their achievements energies the excellent manager towards obtaining their objectives. Being result-oriented also makes the
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Because her responsibility is to constantly maintain or increase the sales of the company. Therefore she always upgrades her skills. (Carson, T. 1993).

A good manager needs a certain level of assertiveness in order to get the complete. Because they are not frightened of confrontation and do not have a difficult in expressing their opinion, assertive managers are more talented of influencing others. They are also more comfortable leading a team, and faster when making decisions especially unpopular ones. The mangers have assertive characteristic have ability to negotiate, close deals and reach objectives. (Carson, T. 1993).
The implication of these characteristic is assertive individuals are more opinioned, and tend to be more on the stubborn side. Furthermore, they may come off as strict, and are more tending to making impulsive decisions without consulting others. (Carson, T. 1993).
This characteristic has found in Mr. Aarokiasamy the manager of Recron SHN BHD. He is an assertive manager, he always be strict with employees to done the
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Giving the team members extra responsibilities and accountability makes they feel more motivated and authorized. (Carson, T. 1993).
Delegate it is not a quality that comes naturally to managers. Especially those who have a tremendous drive to succeed, they incline to be more cynical, doubtful, and untrusting. The slogan ‘if you want something to be done right, do it yourself’ is quite common among result-oriented individuals, and they incline to have the most worry in trusting others to take on certain tasks and responsibilities. (Carson, T. 1993).
Miss Mandy have this characteristic also. She always encourages team members well.

Leadership is the most important characteristic of manager. Leadership is known has ability to direct, motivate, and lead is imperative to a team’s success and performance. A good manager or a leader will be able to inspire trust, delegate responsibility and provide directions. Every single successful commercial manager out there is a leader that the teams he or she manage and make it work faster, efficiently and better. (Carson, T. 1993).
Miss Mandy have this characteristic as well. She lead co employee well to achieve the organizational

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