Comparing The Terms Web Object, Website, And Web Page?

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Register to read the introduction… Comparing the terms web object, website, and web page, which of the following answers list a true statement about these terms? (Choose three answers.)
A. A website typically contains many web objects.
B. A web object typically contains many web pages.
C. A web page typically contains many web objects
10. A PC user opens her Internet Explorer web browser, types the web address, and presses Enter. The web browser acting alone cannot send a request for that web address directly; it needs help. Which of the following components on that user’s PC likely help the web browser? (Choose two answers.)
C. The operating system on the PC
D. The PC’s NIC
11. A user grabs his smart phone, opens a web browser, taps the web address, and taps the button to load this web page. The web page at that web address is an HTML file that includes instructions that link to 15 other web objects; those instructions state that to load this web page, these other 15 objects must be loaded as well. Which of the following best describes how the phone’s web browser gets all the contents of this web page?
A. 16 HTTP GET request messages, with 16 HTTP GET reply
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Which of the following are defined by the HTTP protocol? (Choose two answers.)
B. Web addresses
C. Web servers
13. A PC user opens her Internet Explorer web browser, types the web address, and presses Enter. The browser displays a new web page. What part of the web address most directly identifies the web server from which the web page will be retrieved?
14. Using the terminology introduced in this chapter, think about network topologies. Which of these terms lists a network component that acts the most like a policeman directing traffic in an inter- section by directing the bits through the network?
A. Protocol

15. Which of the following types of devices typically act as a node in a network topology? (Choose two answers.)
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Video frame - Rectangle of individual points.
Web server - An information technology that processes requests via HTTP.
Web browser - A software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.
Web address - An address where you can be found online. If you have a business, customers can find you online via a web address.
Web page - A document commonly written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that is accessible through the Internet.
Protocol - A defined set of rules and regulations that determine how data is transmitted in telecommunications and computer networking
HTTP - (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) The foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web.
Enterprise network - A private network built by a company so they can interconnect between other company sites. They can share data and status updates, etc.
Link - A reference to another document, or web page.
Node - A device such as a router, modem, switch. Basically refers to any device.
Internet/the Internet - A global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol.

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