Optimum Temperature Of Amylase

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1. Our experiment supported our hypothesis. The optimal temperature for the activity of the human amylase is 37°C. This suggest that enzymes have to adapt to the temperature of the organisms in order to develop work because the normal temperature of human is 37°C. It is important to understand that the enzyme amylase play a role to breakdown, so other enzymes can produce sugar of it.
In humans, it is critical to develop work at human’s temperature to continue developing break down the molecules. For example, it is important in humans, so it can break down all the starch by hydrolysis. This helps the human to make digestion. Many food has a big quantity of starch and a small amount of sugar.
According to the bioinformatics study, the sequence
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According to our hypothesis, the optimal temperature of the three different amylase will be different. Thus, it supported our hypothesis. The variation among the three different amylase is depend on the environment where they can be found. We can determine by this information that in fact enzymes have to adapt to their environment to help the systems and organisms to …show more content…
The experiment about pH brace our hypothesis because the pH of the enzyme amylase is 7. It has correlation because human beings have pH of 7 as well. The pH of 7 is known as neutral. This means that the concentration of H+(hydrogen) ions and OH- (hydroxide) ions is 10⁻⁷.
For example, saliva is an enzyme amylase in the human body. It needs to have a pH of 7 will not denature because it is neutral. Therefore, the amylase will be effective. Also, it has adapted to the pH, so it can breakdown the food that human beings inherit to make it useful for other enzymes.
By using the bioinformatics information, we can determine that the non polar amino acids affect the bonding with hydrogen bonds. This means that the pH of the enzyme will be physiological. It can work better at a pH concentration of 7, and actually the cells can survive in that environment. Meaning, enzymes can work well with this concentration of pH, so it bonds do not break easily when it can be saturated of acid or base.

4. As our experiment says, the three different amylase will have different optimal pH concentration. However, the results show a difference and a similarity. The fungi amylase works the best at a pH of 5, which it makes it logical because fungi are found in soil areas in which the pH is more

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