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  • Sex Differences

    is a rare cause of primary hyperparathyroidism. Although this form of hyperparathyroidism occurs randomly, some patients inherit a gene that causes the disorder. This is known as the familial isolated hyperparathyroidism and it is due to mutations in the MEN1, CDC73, or CASR gene. The MEN1 gene is the guideline for the production of the protein menin that acts as a tumor suppressor. It prevents cells from growing and dividing too rapidly. Mutations of the MEN1 gene result in an altered menin protein that is no longer able to control cell growth and division The CDC73 gene allows for the making of the parafibromin protein which is a tumor suppressor as well. A mutation here causes a decrease of the parafibromin protein. The CASR gene is involved in the production of the calcium-sensing receptor protein (CaSR). CaSR helps to regulate the amount of calcium in the body, by controlling the production of the parathyroid hormone. The calcium molecules bind to the CaSR and this activates the receptor. The activated receptor sends signals to block the production and release of the parathyroid hormone. A mutation here allows only abnormally high concentrations…

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  • Nursing Case Study On Hypertension

    pressure indicates 120-139mm Hg of systolic and 80-90mm Hg of diastolic, the patient is categorized as prehypertensive (Bellows & Moore, 2014). Therefore, it is important to know the level of blood pressure with sphygmomanometer, an instrument that is used to measure blood pressure. Hypertension is classified in two groups based on the risk factor: primary and secondary hypertension. The risk factors of primary hypertension includes family history of hypertension, smoking, race factor mostly…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study

    artery sclerosis, atherosclerotic disease, nephrosclerosis, diabetes mellitus (DM), and uncontrolled hypertension (HTN) can cause glomerulosclerosis (Cash & Glass, 2014). Immune disorders, infections, reflux or obstructive nephropathy, and drugs can cause glomerular damage and as well as renovascular disease (Cash & Glass, 2014). Signs and Symptoms Uremic syndrome results to the disturbances throughout the body that could vary depending on the etiology of the disease, comorbidities, age, and…

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  • Bone Scan Case Study

    available for the public which when combined with calcium increases bone health and this could be used in the research to compare the differences in the bone scan before supplementation use as well as afterwards (Cleveland Clinic 2015). Calcium is important in the body and serves many functions some of which include roles in helping to send messages in your nervous system, blood clotting, muscle contraction and the regulation of your heartbeat (Paul et al 2015). (Brent 2014) mentions that we…

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