Hypocalcemia Research Paper

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Hypocalcemia, Infant

Hypocalcemia means the calcium level in the blood is low. Calcium is a mineral in the body that is important for the function of:
• Heart and muscle.
• Cells.
• Nerves.
• Bone structure.
• Blood clotting.
There are 2 kinds of hypocalcemia in infants:
• Early hypocalcemia happens in the first few days of life. This early type is usually a temporary problem that is easily treated.
• Late hypocalcemia shows up after the first few days of life.

Early hypocalcemia can be seen in:
• Premature infants.
• Babies born to mothers with diabetes.
• Babies ill with infections or breathing problems.
• Babies stressed at birth.
• Babies born to mothers with hyperparathyroidism or other problems that

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