Hypovolemic Shock

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Hypovolemic shock is the result of severe blood/fluid loss causing the heart to inadequately circulate oxygen to the rest of the body (Workman, 2013, pp. 812). In this condition, there is sudden decrease in blood volume within the vascular space causing a drop in mean arterial pressure. This decrease in mean arterial pressure causes a sudden loss in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood related to the sudden decline in available red blood cells. As the heart is unable to properly pump oxygen to the rest of the body, vital organs begin to shut down, eventually leading to death. It is because of this reason that it must be treated as a medical emergency. This form of shock can be caused by a variety of factors which include hemorrhage and dehydration. With prompt treatment and correction of underlying condition, the prognosis for this condition is good (Work, 2013, pp. 814) …show more content…
With this being stated, there are various laboratory tests that can help support a diagnosis. These include arterial blood gas (ABG) reports and a complete blood cell count (CBC). Both of these lab tests will be abnormal as a result of the decreasing volume and oxygen carrying capacity of the blood (Workman, 2013,

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