Read my lips: no new taxes

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  • Bill Clinton's Influence On American Politics

    the pretense that taxes during his presidency under no uncertain terms, or as he famously stated “Read my lips. No new taxes”, would rise. Bush soon breaks this oath to deal with the rising deficit, this action resulting in a lasting effect on his popularity and perceived trustworthiness. Clinton ran his campaign almost primarily focusing on this pitfall of the president, using his abundant airtime to discuss the state of the economy. Both candidates, as many others do in this situation, used…

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  • Negative Effects Of Populism

    see Nazi Germany. When the Nazis weren’t busy embodying every single film and TV trope we now have in modern entertainment, they were doing some truly horrifying shit to millions of people in the name of good old fashioned nationalism. I’m guessing you’ve heard of the Nazis, though, so I’ll digress and we can move on. Nationalism caters to our fears of lost jobs due to outsourcing, our xenophobia, our fear of loss of culture and identity to an invading other. Both populism and nationalism, at…

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  • Hillary Clinton's Influence On Government And Politics

    “Read my lips, no new taxes,” evidently enough there were new taxes. A good politician is someone who is not a hypocrite. They tell the public what they are going to do and then follow through. They should abide by the same rules they set. The national government pushes laws onto the people but they couldn’t be bothered to follow them. The government can get away with practically anything, actions far worse than half the people whom are imprisoned. A glowing example is police officers, they can…

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  • Why Did Bill Clinton Lose The 2000 Election

    The 1990s began with the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Ross Perot. The 2 questions we have to ask is how a sitting president with an 80% approval rating in 1990 lost the election 2 years later and what caused the right to left political shift. Republican’s seemed slightly lost after the Persian Gulf War and were leaning to a more conservation right. With no major foreign affairs to focus on all eyes were on the economy. George bush then uttered those 6 famous words…

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  • Essay On The First 100 Days

    going to accomplish during their entire presidency. Mainly most candidates address what they will do during their first 100 days. The first 100 days is a period of time when the new president is first elected into office, he or she meets with congress and tries to pass a lot of new legislation. The first 100 days is usually seen as a sample of the successes and accomplishments the new president will have over the next four years (Walsh). The promises the presidential candidates make are usually…

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  • How Did George H. W. Bush Influence Communism

    W. Bush reminded not only Americans, but other nations as well, what the United States stood for. This law is still prevalent and influential today, just as his other legal accomplishment---the signing and amending of the Clean Air Act in 1990. This amendment set higher air quality standards and further established the acts previous programs to combat acid rain and hazardous air pollutants by one-half, and became stricter on the standards for new motor vehicles. This was the first revision…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Budgetary Policy

    Ronald Reagan’s presidency set many dangerous precedents for dealing with budgetary policy, making the process of dealing with deficits much more difficult for his successors. Reagan believed strongly in increased defense spending, and was also completely convinced that lowering taxes would spur economic growth to cancel out his increased spending, the mantra of supply side economics. However, most of Reagan’s budgetary promises were empty, and as stated by Hager and Pianin, Reagan and his staff…

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  • George Herbert Walker Bush's Influence On The Republican Party

    of the Republican National Committee (RNC) instead. They turned to Bush to head the RNC because of his characteristic of being responsible and honest. On May 1, 1979, Bush reported his campaigning for the Republican election for President. During the Republican elections in the 1980 campaign, the traditional part of the party was given to Ronald Reagan, the former actor and governor of California. Bush was considered more average and less determine than Reagan, who was blessed as the top runner…

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  • Major Phenomenons Of Mass Media 1960-Today

    On one hand they want the media to give as much information about a candidate to make an informed decision, On the other hand, they feel the candidate that can pay more for TV and media exposure have more influence on public option and thus can receive more votes. As an individual, we must evaluate each candidate’s claims with a critical eye. We have an obligation to be media literate. We must remember the five questions that should be asked about any media message: 1. Who created this message?…

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  • 1992 Presidential Election Analysis

    There were only 4 times in the 20th century of US presidential election that incumbent loses. The most recent election among them is a 1992 Presidential Election where George H.W. Bush loses to Bill Clinton. In the beginning of the election, not many people thought that Bush was going to lose. However, national priorities were shifting with the rising new generation, the baby boomers. The Domestic economic was in chaos with unemployment rate that is highest in nine years. In the contrast with…

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