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  • Midwest Retirement Community Case Study

    Midwest Retirement Community will have management team for operation, marketing and financial to manage the business all reporting to the business owner. Business owner is responsible to selecting site, securing finance, registering the business, and obtaining all appropriate permits and license. The business owner is responsible for hiring and firing of all employees with input from managers. Midwest Retirement Community operation’s team consists of maintenance technician team reporting to operation manager. Operation Manager will directly report to the Owner. This person is responsible handling all client inquiries services and needs. Operation manager ensure appropriate resource and availability of maintenance technician to handle client needs in timely manner. Operation Manager works with Marketing Manager to ensure resolving of the client inquire are satisfactory. Operation Manager will find alternate resource for shortage if needed and escalate any client inquires that is not fulfilled to the owner in a timely manner. Maintenance Technician reports directly to the Operation Manager. This person directly works with client to address the issues. This person will require certification to work on request for electrical or plumbing issue. Any services or care that this person can’t…

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  • Personal Narrative: Life Enhancing Activities

    My interaction with an older adult was taken place at the Sun Terrance Facility in Sunnyside, WA. I wanted to do a nursing home or retirement home, close to where I live because I also do my hours for my practicum every weekday. So, because I have lived in Sunnyside my whole life, I use to live next to Sun Terrance and I took this opportunity to explore the facility a little better while doing my hours there. Me starting there at the facility was not easy. I cannot remember the exact dates, but…

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  • 5 Best Places To Retire: What Makes A Great Retirement Spot?

    5 Best Places To Retire: What Makes A Great Retirement Spot? Retirement is a new beginning of life. Usually most people plan to retire and live at the native place or at the family heirloom, where one has spent almost all the childhood and growing years and in which one knows every narrow lane and seasons. Nevertheless, the world is changing with the fast pace. The globalization actually helped to open the door of all countries for the people to live under certain conditions. Now, an Indian can…

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  • Canadian Pension System

    the biggest problem in Canada that need addressing .Our pension system is often supported by three legs, The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS) ,Workplace Registered Pension Plan (RPPs) and the Personal Retirement Savings (RRSPs) for individuals contributions into retirement.(Benefits Canada,2014) These program was put into place to support the aging population and to prevent Poverty, Isolation , Financial difficulty,Retirement/ Relocation , Health care and Caregivers. Problem…

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  • Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Study Of Aging

    It is important to study gerontology because it makes us understand the older adults better and to appreciate the subject of aging studies/gerontology in general, there must be a commitment to create a multidisciplinary overview for all to understand the aging process across diverse groups of individuals (taking into account race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, etc.). Studying gerontology also teaches us the areas pertinent to the well-being of the adult population such as work and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Life After Work

    Life after Work Do you ever wonder what life after work feels like? This paper discusses the lives of three people that who have retired. These people have shared their experiences with their life after work, what made them retire at an early age, what the benefits and drawbacks of early retirement expenses, and how they handle living expenses, and how they live their daily lives. The initial research focused on the retirement gap between the rich and poor. The wealthy included…

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  • Retirement: Life In The Workforce

    org/aging/aging-process.htmI, “Retirement is an ambivalent concept.” Retirement is a reward for working our life in the workforce. Furthermore, it enables the younger generation to move into the slots which were vacated when someone retires. However, sometimes retirement occurs as a result of other things such as, disability, poor health, and even the loss of a job later on in life. Whereas, others retire due to social security, desire for leisure activities, or their spouse recently retired.…

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  • Beat Old Age Essay

    a reasonable age our population would not be regulated at all. Lots of the elderly would mean the healthcare industry would be booming, but almost in a way to where it’s too much. After all, most of a person 's health care is provided in the final years of their lives. It could get very costly and degrading. More elderly homes would be needed and premium care officials would be a must. Retirement itself would be very confusing with the age variations all over the scale. Would the average age…

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  • Retirement Case Study

    despite their age. Other circumstances greatly influenced their decision. They also said that they didn’t plan for retirement but I think both did, to some extent, but they have varying degrees of preparation. Both my respondents seemed to work a lot of hours prior to retirement. They immediately noticed an increase of time spent with their significant other upon giving up work and both S.L. and R.F. were happy with that. They were also relatively healthy prior to and after retirement. They both…

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  • Example Of Disengagement Theory

    For example, age discrimination in employment act (ADEA) was passed in 1967 to prohibited age discrimination again those aged 40 to 65 (PSYC 402: Hillier & Barrow, 2011, Work and leisure, p. 206). However, according to Grossman’s article, there is an increasing case about age discrimination due to worker more aware of their right to complain (PSYC 402: Cox, 2011, The under-reported impact of age discrimination and its threat to business vitality, p. 41). In addition, work places had begun to…

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