National Anthem: Inequality In America

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Oh, say can you see the inequality in America?
Recent events have sparked controversy, questioning if the National Anthem represents all American individuals, and if not, why we play it at all our sporting events.
The National Anthem is a longstanding tradition at sporting events; however, it fails to represent the majority of Americans and serves as a symbol of civil inequality. Therefore, the National Anthem should no longer be a part of sporting events, as well as undergo revisions to meet the needs of a changing nation.

The National Anthem was first played in the 1918 world series as a way to boost moral and wake people up. First written as a representation of nationalism, the National Anthem is now more of a strong tradition than anything, and “by the 20th century, we were treating the anthem as a our own religious hymn” (Schuessler). As recently as 1990, playing the National Anthem was a simple matter, with those in attendance simply turning to face the flag. Now, however,
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Kaepernick’s protest has gained more momentum than he thought possible, and though many see it as childish, he continues to kneel down for what he believes in, despite the critics.
Although Kaepernick was doing what he believed to be right, he could end up getting cut from the team for disrespecting the National Anthem. His protest has resulted in disapproval from people in his community who0 believe that kneeling for the National Anthem is selfish. The national anthem is an opportunity to be thankful for what you have, and standing shows respect for you, your teammates, your country, and your game (Russell).
"Standing for an anthem is a sign of respect and a demonstration of unity" (Garcia).
WNBA President Lisa Borders said this about the female basketball players kneeling. Standing helps to show that as a country we are

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