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  • Sample Letter Of Dismissal

    Yesterday I received a letter of dismissal from DePaul school of nursing. I am aware that my grades have been low for the last two semesters in which I take full responsibility. I write this appeal letter to explain the cause and ask you to please consider reinstating me. I wish to state that my poor grades are not due to low ability or not being able to retain the material. Neither was it procrastination to study. Instead, my grades have suffered because I have been trying to juggle between school, work, being a single mother, and family issues. Nursing was a new world to me and I learned spring semester how much dedication it took in order to be successful in this program. When I entered spring semester, I was working 40 hours a week overnight…

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  • How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect The Life Of College Students

    they manage their crammed schedules on such little sleep is beyond me.” Sleep is the body’s way of replenishing with energy extracted throughout the day after straining itself to work physically and mentally. Simply, sleep is the bodies time to shutdown and relax. Sacrificing sleep to crank out that homework assignment leaves students dragging throughout the day, struggling to keep eyes open, thus affecting performance. While it suggested to get eight hours, this isn’t a reality for most…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Concordia

    My journey to Concordia began at a show for Tyler Oakley in Kalamazoo Michigan. There my mom met a woman who had went and worked at Concordia Ann Arbor and mentioned that all the Concordias are awesome schools to go to. As they talked more about all of the things that Concordia Ann Arbor has to offer she said there was also one in Chicago. That is how I came to the discovery of Concordia University Chicago. I first visited Concordia Ann Arbor and fell in love with the campus. It is situated…

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  • Academic Argument: Hoop Dreams

    can bring to the school. The only time education was important to Arthur and William was when their high school coach or counselor informed them that they had to reach a set score to be able to be recruited and attend the high-powered school. School was never the focus of the film because it only showed them in school for approximately two minutes it primarily took place at their homes or on the court during a game. The knowledge of learning is very important in today’s world because even famous…

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  • Analysis Of The Pace Path Plan

    A representative of the Pace Path Plan explained the acronym of the Pace Path Plan, which stood for planning, academic excellence, coaching and mentoring, and experiential learning. A question was raised after the representative’s overview of this resource addressing a concern about how they could access the Pace Path Plan and ensure that students continue to receive the encouragement and support after UNV 101, which is the course that exposes students to make a Pace Path Plan for the next four…

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  • Effects Of Pressure On Students To Get Good Grades

    then previous generations. One of the problems being students are constantly under pressure. The biggest pressure they deal with is the pressure to get good grades. They get pressure from parents, coaches, and from themselves. Why is there so much pressure on getting good grades? For most students the answer is because they worry about their future. Without good grades a students may lose scholarships, not be able to participate in extracurricular activities, and not get the job they want in…

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  • College Athletes Should Be Paid

    One can say being a full time student and college athlete is like having two full-time jobs. Student athletes are working non-stop day in and day out to not only meet academic standards but to maintain their athletic scholarship. College athletes bring millions of dollars to universities, but in return, they only receive small monthly stipends for food. With every sporting event, each student-athlete gives their all not knowing if they will get seriously injured or not. Yes, they are students,…

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  • How This Professoriate Fit Into My Career Goals Case Study

    It will enable me to undertake studies at Howard University while contributing to the university through teaching and scholarship. It will be a great honor for me to receive this award to matriculate through this program. During the application process, I have had an opportunity to learn about the Howard faculty members and my research interests closely align with the research interests of the faculty members. I would like to study and work with Dr. Kyndra Middleton because she has expertise in…

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  • College Is Not For Everyone Essay

    College is Not for Everyone Today, more people than ever are attending community colleges and universities. Often, a collegiate degree is a prerequisite to meaningful employment (Pincus, 341). There is even social pressure pushing many to attend. I feel that the university education system has many structural shortcomings, and that institutions of higher learning often do not have students ' best interests at heart. I feel, simply, that college is not for everyone. An opportunity for some,…

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  • My Journey To Higher Education Essay

    I was ready to succeed. But the light of confidence quickly dimmed as my first semester was far from what I expected it to be. I felt completely out of place in my major, so I switched from my initial biology to psychology, hoping that I would find more success in a different field of interest. As the semester continued, I found myself stranded in biology classes that I had lost interest in, and I felt overwhelmed in every way as I continued to fall behind in my courses. I was ashamed; I truly…

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