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  • Resources To Reduce Homelessness In The United States

    clothes to wear every day. Also, the violence in the world makes me angry. The terrorist attacks on Paris break my heart and make me angry. Organizations like Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant need to be dealt with and neutralized. If I received unlimited amount of resources I would use the resources to demolish ISIS, feed the starving, and give the homeless homes and clothes. This holiday season with time, money, and people I would develop a plan to defeat ISIS and execute the plan to give the world some peace of mind and bring this organization to justice for the terror and murders they caused around the world. ISIS issued threats against the United States on Monday, but that does not seem to affect our government. Even though ISIS issued these threats, the government is allowing thousands of Syrian refugees to enter the United States. The first gift I would give is the necessary resources to do background check on everybody coming from Syria to make sure none of them contain the slightest connection to ISIS. One of the Paris attackers came to France from Syria as a refugee and we need to make sure that does not happen here. Next, I would give the resources necessary to hunt down ISIS leaders and to destroy ISIS headquarters. In order to capture ISIS leaders, we will need to send task force to the Middle East, so our men and women will risk their lives for our freedom, but that is the only way to capture these terrible people. I chose this gift because seeing the…

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  • Public Health Care Ethics

    term. Solutions cannot be found within traditional governmental structures such as representative assemblies or governors' offices. As a result, governments have formed special¬ized entities within the executive branch to pursue the goals of population health and safety. The modern role of the federal government in public health is broad and complex. Public health functions, which include public funding for health care, safe food, effective…

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  • Local Police Agencies

    Some local police departments are taking it upon themselves to pass immigration policies, which is usually the responsibility of the federal government. The states will pass bills regarding immigration giving officers the right to question a person’s immigration status during a stop if they have probable cause. The local police implementing these laws and procedures are treading new territory and need to do more research and training. Law enforcement agencies use many different methods when…

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  • Hazard Mitigation Research Paper

    or activities to reduce the impacts of hazards primarily to protect loss of life and property (Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2016). Mitigating the effects of hazards is a very important in all levels of government. However, individual…

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  • Emergency Management Challenges

    money. The federal government supplies millions or billions of dollars in federal disaster relief money to disaster victims every year and this money must be available to provide this support. Also, as suggested in our reading, not all funding should be supplied by the federal government. State and local government, non-governmental organizations and local businesses also need to assist in the organizing and raising funding for emergency management operations (Haddow, Bullock, and Coppola,…

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  • Police Surveillance System

    the permanent effort of state and local police departments to enforce the law and maintain order. Police departments manage the police force, keep the peace, investigate crime and cooperate with the community to protect people’s lives and property. Although most of the staff at police stations, substations and precincts are police officers and detectives, police departments partner with auxiliary police officers who can be either part-time police officers or civilian volunteers. Most city police…

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  • Disadvantages Of Intelligence Led Policing

    September 11, 2001, it became abundantly clear that the United States government had to seriously rethink and redesign intelligence in regards to homeland security. Intelligence makes up a giant portion of homeland security. There are many elements that comprise the intelligence community. These elements include local law-enforcement, state level law enforcement, and federal law enforcement. It is imperative that all elements of intelligence are utilized. It is also imperative that all of these…

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  • Pennsauken Fire Department: Case Study

    Background The Pennsauken Fire Department has experienced several transformative years over the past twelve years from 2004 through 2016. Once a vibrant and compared to some urban fire departments, a force of over three hundred personnel once staffed this moderately sized suburban community founded in 1892. As the community experienced development and suburbanization post World War I, civic engagement and community involvement where trademarks of the pride of the community. The 1980’s and…

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  • Federal Government Response To Hurricanes

    forms of tropical cyclones consisting of sustained winds with a speed of 74 miles per hour or higher and circulating air. Hurricanes are capable of causing devastating damage to property and communities. Due to hurricanes having devastating effects on property and the possibility of causing death and disrupting normal community life, there is therefore the need for the government and local authorities to adequately prepare and respond appropriately to hurricanes. This report focused on…

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  • Public Health Departments

    A National Public Health Department Accreditation was created to improve the service, value, and accountability to stakeholders of local, state and tribal health departments. The Public Health Association Board (PHAB), a non-profit organization, works to protect the health of the public through improving the quality of services local health departments are providing in their communities. In doing so, the PHAB has developed a set of standards to measure the performance level of health departments…

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