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  • Luncheon On The Grass Analysis

    that the artist is conveying through a Christian worldview. We also need to inform students about the message of the art so they realize that the nudity serves a purpose. Most of these artistic pieces are nude paintings/sculptures of ancient gods and goddesses but, we can glean an important insight into the ideals of each culture and how human beings related to the heavenly beings. Also we must be aware that over time the moral ideals of the culture have changed. Back in the time of the ancient Greeks, nudity in art was…

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  • Gender Roles In Titian's Venus Of Urbino?

    Europe emerged from the Dark Ages in about 1350 C.E., with a rebirth of artistic styles in the Greek and Roman tradition that lasted for centuries. The Renaissance saw depiction of human emotion, Christian imagery, and realism in portraying the human body. See Titian’s Venus of Urbino. A completely naked Venetian courtesan, Angela del Moro, reclines among feathery pillows and vibrant flowers in an elegant Italian palace. She gazes directly at the viewer with a look that makes this work, "the…

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  • Nudity In Ancient Greece

    idea of nudity presents a complex history and disputing views. The current society shies away from the idea of nakedness, but the Ancient Greeks sculpted naked statues with no shame. The topic of nude statues creates an environment of power from the artist’s decision of sculpting. Even the famous poet, Homer, recognizes the purpose and idea of nudity in The Odyssey. In Homer’s poem, The Odyssey, a naked Odysseus wanders around the river’s bank in Scheria, and he approaches the daughter of…

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  • S. O. S Starification Object Series Analysis

    It constitutes a series of photographs of herself topless and parodies a traditional representation of femininity. There is a vast difference between these photographs and a typical glamourous shot. Wilke created tiny sculptures of chewing gum and placed them all over her body. The gum is in the form of a vulva. Her purpose for this piece was to bring attention to the depictions of women in common culture and dismantling stereotypes about femininity. Wilke’s who also made independent sculptures…

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  • Doing Fieldwork Among The Yanomamö Analysis

    analyze the current issue of public nudity in much of the Western world. In an article by Monica Tan, she recounts her experience visiting an art gallery nude and exploring the world of “naturism.” Tan explains that naturists are people who feel trapped by clothing and want to establish a closer connection with their natural form. This is differs from the people who she classifies as exhibitionists, or those who use nudity to be seen in a sexual way (Tan 2015). For those who are proponents of…

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  • Sexual Dependency Exhibition Analysis

    ive seen by Nan Goldin and what I read about this exhibition. Going into MoMA, I didn’t know what to expect, I expected mostly nudity and drugs because of the big warning that was placed in the very entrance of the exhibition. It also mentioned that she was one of the many protagonists in this series of photographs and that it included more than simply nudity but rather love, loss, sex, drug use, the joy of their children and even domestic violence. This exhibition contained 700 snap-shot like…

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  • Lucy Mccormick: Play Analysis

    I stated, “You might cry, ‘What are you trying to prove?’ and I, like Ginsberg, will scream ‘nakedness’ and strip and offer you the chance to do the same“ (Jancis, 2014). Ginsberg claimed that his response to heckling resulted in his best performance of Howl (Nally, 2013). Before my show one of my peers commented “first I am going to look at your penis and then I 'm going to look at your mind” (Carrack, 2014). So far the purpose behind my nudity has not been for shock value but I am aware it…

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  • Super Bowl Advertisement Summary

    The video advertisement that can be accessed from the link above is the Carl’s Jr. ad that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The advertisement introduced the fast food company’s new “all natural” burger with the help of a seemingly naked female model. The advertisement is directed towards heterosexual men. After watching the advertisement for just a few seconds it already becomes clear who the target audience is. The target audience of this ad is clearly heterosexual men. This stays true…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Female Nipples

    What is the problem with female nipples? Please, someone let me know why there is such a need to heavily censor a part of a body that is ubiquitous and natural as an ear. Every living mammalian species, male and female has nipples. But a naked uncovered ear does not get a picture flagged on Facebook or Instagram. Or worse gets your profile deleted and a ban from continuing to post your photos. Why? Why has the act of public breastfeeding become such a horrible and unsightly GOD WON’T SOMEONE…

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  • Nausikaa In The Odyssey

    In Homers poem the Odyssey, we are introduced to Odysseus in book VI. We first see Odysseus as a naked, dirty, and fatigued man, longing to return back to his own land. Contrary to what we believe Odysseus should look when we think about the heroic Trojan warrior. Odysseus finds himself pleading with the phaeatian princess Nausikaa to direct him into town so he may seek help from the king and queen to return home. Odysseus’ speech to Nausikaa attempts to show his worthiness of her help. Despite…

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