Der Ring des Nibelungen

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  • Essay On Baroque Music

    Music There are many types of genres of music! A few are classical, pop, rock, country and reggae. Through out all types of music, there are over 97 million songs. From the 1500’s up to now there have been many artists and bands to be famous from singing. In the 1500’s, some popular composers were, Thomas Tallis, Josquin Des Prez, William Byrd, and many more! Thomas Tallis was most known for his piece called “ If Ye Love Me”. This song is about if you love God then you will keep his commandments and he will give you his comfort. Josquin Des Prez was known for “ Ave Maria”. Ave Maria means Hail, Mary in latin. This song is about the Lord blessing Mary, the Mother of God and to pray for all the sinners. William Byrd most famous for his work, “Mary Tudor”. This song came out in 1595.…

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  • Essay On Collective Memory

    that gave “a whole new dimension to the Holocaust” (Salisbury), are movies that were able to influence the past and change the popular understanding of these wars. Not only, can media influence the perception of a historical event specifically, but it can generally “pollute” the image of an entire culture. For Instance, the Vikings are another example, of how art influences the historical perceptions of cultures. Contemporary cartoons, films, textbooks and novels depict the Vikings wearing…

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