Essay On Baroque Music

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There are many types of genres of music! A few are classical, pop, rock, country and reggae. Through out all types of music, there are over 97 million songs. From the 1500’s up to now there have been many artists and bands to be famous from singing. In the 1500’s, some popular composers were, Thomas Tallis, Josquin Des Prez, William Byrd, and many more! Thomas Tallis was most known for his piece called “ If Ye Love Me”. This song is about if you love God then you will keep his commandments and he will give you his comfort. Josquin Des Prez was known for “ Ave Maria”. Ave Maria means Hail, Mary in latin. This song is about the Lord blessing Mary, the Mother of God and to pray for all the sinners. William Byrd most famous for his work, “Mary Tudor”. This song came out in 1595.
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Baroque is “a style of western art music composed about 1600-1700.” Some famous composers that played baroque music are, Henry Purcell, Johann Pachelbel, and Domenico Scarlatti. These are only a few! Henry Purcell’s most known piece is called “Dido and Aeneas.” It is an opera that has three acts and was written by Henry but there was also some libretto by Nahum Tate. Next, is Johann Pachelbel. His most famous piece is known as, “Johann Canon.” Canon means is a piece of music that is characterized by imitation and repetition. Pachelbel was more known when his song got put in the movie “Ordinary People,” which was made in the 1980’s. Even though he had already passed away, people still remembered him because of this song. Domenico Scarlatti FINISH
Mozart and Beethoven were all popular in the 1700’s. These three are some of the most known composers in the world. Mozart’s most famous piece is called, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.” Which means, ‘A Little Night Music.” Beethoven’s most famous piece is called “Fur Elise.” Many people back then listened to it, people nowadays still listen to it. People even have it has ringtones or text tones on their

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