Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Influence On Modern Music

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Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was an Austrian composer and pianist that created a variety of concertos, operas, symphonies, and sonatas. Many of these changed the way classical music was written and even performed. Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was capable of playing many instruments and he began playing in public at the age of six. In the years following years Mozart composed hundreds works of art that were marked both by fascinating emotions, and sophisticated textures. Mozart was born into the world of music being as his father was a successful composer himself. At a very early age he began to show understanding of musical concepts such as tempo, chords, and tone. Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart began as a child prodigy …show more content…
In the case of Amadeus Mozart, the fact that he was going to influence music in today’s date became apparent throughout his childhood. His music became very famous and thanks to the imitations that other people created of his work, his music style still lingers with us to this day. This is a topic that has to be approached in a very odd way due to the fact that not only is research needed, but musical pieces also have to be compared. This topic was chosen to show and identify how much the compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart truly influenced music in today’s day. It was chosen to show how many of his techniques are still used in the making of the compositions for music …show more content…
Amongst these changes came changes in music as well. Public concerts began to be requested more, printed music was being bought more, appreciation for music grew more.With the growing of music, came changes in the way the sounds in music were created. One thing that remained the same over all the years was the way that music is created. The primary method is very simple. There is none.
Many would argue that Mozart and Bach used similar methods to begin and end a music composition but this is not the case. Each composer has their own unique style of composing and their own means of inspiration for musical compositions. For example the composer Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart, was rumored to imagine an entire piece in his head and then later write it out. As studied previously in the paper, Mozart was known for using women’s voices for soft and calm lyrical compositions and a man 's voice for his bass lines. Much like many of the popular songs we hear today in the radio. The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer whose music would live to profoundly impact the way classical music was composed. And classical music will forever live to inspire many composers and songwriters around the world. His music presented a bold expression, often times complex and dissonant, are required high technical mastery from the musicians who performed it. due to the fact that his works remained

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