Descriptive ethics

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  • Sample Research Questions

    The descriptive analyses include different statistical methods, such as, Chi-Square, independent sample T-Test, Bivariate correlation, and Binary regression. The survey focuses primarily on the students’ spending, such as acquiring textbooks, living on campus vs. off campus, enrolling in the university’s meal plan, transportation costs, as well as any other costs that are important for the students’ needs and success during college. Since the respondents all come from different backgrounds, there is a high chance that some of the expenses represent a burden for some of the students, it is why the survey also addresses ways students can earn money, such as having a job on or off campus and work…

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  • Sport Does Not Build Character Essay

    Among today’s society there are an abundance of critics of sport. They criticize the politics, money, and behavior among sport and how it can affect an individual. Most of those critics also believe that sport does not build character. I partially agree to this statement; however, I believe that sport can build character when it is practiced in an environment that thrives on and teaches character and moral development. Then the athlete has an opportunity to become morally developed and gives…

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  • Four Types Of Relativism

    There are several different types of relativism. Cultural relativism, descriptive ethical relativism, and normative relativism. There are many situations in which relativism and descriptive relativism, and normative relativism come into play. Some of the most popular topics for discussion concerning any type of relativism are mutilation of genitals, and which foods can and cannot be eaten, and how one should carry…

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  • Friedrich Nietzsche's Theory Of Morality

    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”. Here, Nietzsche is expressing the importance of recognizing the variety of perspectives on ethical matters. Every human, from the beginning of childhood, is faced with situations where they must do the “right” thing. Over the years, we have formed opinions on the “right” way to live, which defines our behavior and our values in society. However, to lead a decent human life in…

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  • Egoism, Kantian Ethics, And Divine Command Theory

    Throughout history, philosophers have attempted to define and establish countless theories relating to the moral principles of the world. Some of these ethical theories include, but are not limited to, Cultural Relativism, Egoism, Kantian Ethics, and Divine Command Theory. Cultural Relativism is the theory that there are no objective moral claims across cultures. Another theory, Egoism, claims that human acts should be done solely in the interest of ones self. Kantian Ethics is centered around…

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  • Abercrombie And Fitch Case Study

    they manage ethics in their company. Management ethics is DEFINED BY REFERENCE. Management ethics importance has only recently increased since 2005(Crane and Matten 2010). It is noted that 2006 the day when Wal Mart advised for a director of global ethics to lead the company’s global ethics strategy shows a sudden emergence of importance. Management ethi In terms of management ethics there are two components; there is…

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  • Summary: Ethical Overview

    ethical decision is made over ideas that are of a moral foundation. These ideas are also lead into ethics which are very big aspects of human life. There are going to be many different types of ethics in life, and those are political ethics, business ethics, and economic ethics. With these different ethics that influences one’s ability to make a decision. Ethical theory refers to “the processes that philosophers have derived that people use to make ethical decisions” (GCU, 2016). The three…

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  • Nonprofit Organizations Case Study

    Management” (2009) on chapter 3 and 4 focuses on analysis and planning of nonprofit organizations, in doing so we can notice the important role of effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, these chapters focus on budgets and financial resources to maintain the nonprofit institution working and how ethics are important to its development. Just in the same way, Miller in his book “The Nonprofit Marketing Guide” (2010) discusses the importance of recognizing your multiple target audiences,…

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  • Ethical Discourse On The Use Of Genetically Modified Crops

    The article that I chose to read is called “Ethical Discourse on the Use of Genetically Modified Crops: A Review of Academic Publications in the Fields of Ecology and Environmental Ethics.” The authors, Daniel Gregorowius, Petra Lindemann-Matthies, and Markus Huppenbauer, discuss the ethical issues present in a multitude of academic articles in regards to the use of genetically modified crops. The authors of this article are all staff members at different universities and specialize in the…

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  • How Important To Have Ethics In Accounting

    Introduction The purpose of this research is to make emphasis on how important is in accounting to have Ethics. This will be a qualitative research since it will be descriptive about ethics in accounting. Ethic is a term that refers to a moral system, and code that provides criteria evaluation. An ethical dilemma describes when an individual or group experiment by testing their own ethics. Many of these dilemmas are easily to be identified and resolved. For example, by calling your boss when…

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