Four Types Of Relativism

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The world would be terribly boring if we all agreed on the same things. What is considered to be right and wrong merely depends on society and cultural beliefs. With that being said, what may be correct in the moral aspect for one, may be totally despicable for another individual. This way of thinking correlates to relativism. There are several different types of relativism. Cultural relativism, descriptive ethical relativism, and normative relativism. There are many situations in which relativism and descriptive relativism, and normative relativism come into play. Some of the most popular topics for discussion concerning any type of relativism are mutilation of genitals, and which foods can and cannot be eaten, and how one should carry …show more content…
Like stated before, abortion is something that could fall into normative ethical relativism, because there is no answer whether abortion is morally right or wrong. Something like this is only dependent upon personal values, usually developed with the help of society. In conclusion, there is no objective right, or wrong. Relativism is why people will never agree on what is right or wrong. Relativism is multifaceted. Cultural Relativism is related to the morals followed and created because of the culture in which one is raised in. Descriptive Ethical Relativism is almost just like Cultural Relativism, but it has to do with things that are tolerated in one country that would not be tolerated in a different country. Lastly, Normative Relativism just ties in the fact that there is no quote on quote, right or wrong due to cultural and societal differences.

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