Kant's Moral Explanations

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The Explanations of Morals (Kant, Mill, Aristotle and Held)

Morals (mor – als)
Noun; plural

1. a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information or an experience.
2. a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.

This essay intends point out the relevant aspects of moral theologians, Kant, Mill, Aristotle and Held and to answer the question of the best suited approach in resolving ethical problems and dilemmas.

I have found that Kant’s theory is the most complicated and confusing of the four. It was only made somewhat clear by the explanation in O’Neill’s reading. Kant’s moral theory was based on motivation.
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I believe that the foundation is built within us. I used Aristotle at the base, in that to be the best person that I can be I have to look for characteristics in forming habits that will make me a better person. In that quest, there would be the balancing and putting things into the right proportion to fit in my life so that everything is balanced. The next layer would be Kant’s idea of “good will”. I see this in a sense of the effect of other people aside from myself. I would consider will I cause harm to other people, regardless of how big or how small. While I find that this layer is probably the smallest, because I feel that it is still an important step. Finally, the top layer, I find that Mill has the strongest point in that our actions should be determined by the consequences by determining the maximum utility because it is vital. Every action has a reaction, whether it is good or bad. The outcome is going to happen because an action has to happen. Not to be selfish, I look at myself, others and think of the consequences of my actions. However, the “good” that I decided was to turn the money back in, while I needed it, someone else probably needed it more than I did, or at least I like to tell myself this. Morally, I thought that that was the best choice, not only would I be making someone else happy by returning their money, I also felt happiness, in that I know I made someone’s

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