Pros And Cons Of Virtue Ethics

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Introduction Throughout the history of man the question has always come into play regarding how one should behave or conduct themselves during the course of their lives. As a result of this arduous quest, for centuries, several theories have made their way into the hearts and minds of men. Ethics or Moral Philosophy addresses these concerns. The focus of this paper as it relates to ethics will be The Theory of Virtue Ethics.
Virtue Ethics Defined
The term “ethics” comes from the Greek “ethos” meaning custom or habit. Ethics are considered different from morality because ethics refer to the theory of positive acts or deeds and the greater good while morality is indicative of their practice i.e., moral principles. Today, there are several types
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This is said to eliminate the need to utilize laws and other such policies which would normally dissuade negative behavior. Accordingly, most virtue theorists believe that a virtuous person would act virtuously as a result of rational thought as opposed to instinctually. There are several pros and cons regarding the theory of virtue ethics. For example, one should contemplate the fact that there is no mutual understanding or concept of what the virtues are or even should be. While a positive side of virtue ethics might be the focus on the individual and what it means to be a good human being. Virtue Ethics. (n.d.). …show more content…
Does this mean that Aristotle and Socrates and all others who followed got it right? The decision is still out on that one, but the sciences of Sociology and Anthropology will (hopefully) continue to evolve to the extent that one day, we may be able to develop methodologies in order to create better societies where self gratification is not the primary focus but the betterment of

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