Descriptive statistics

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  • Descriptive Statistics

    Kurtosis is a statistical measure used to describe the distribution of observed data around the mean. Descriptive statistics do not enable us to make conclusions beyond the data we have analysed or reach conclusions regarding any inference we might have made. Measures of variability are another important technique used in descriptive statistics. These measures define the methods of summarizing a group of data by describing how spread out the data is. To describe this spread, a number of statistics are available, which are range, quartiles, absolute deviation, variance and standard deviation. Units of Enumeration These are units which data is collected in terms production of cloth - meters, weight-tons, time - hours. Units of collection and Enumeration are of three types. a) Single units : it represents single determining characteristic such as miles, tons etc b) Compound units : it represents combination of two or more simple units, which represents more than one determining characteristics, such as passenger - kilometres, tons -…

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  • Coffman Descriptive Statistics

    Discuss what descriptive statistics were used well in the Coffman article Descriptive statistics are is by researchers to describe, compare, and to characterize a relationship. (Polit, 2010) “Descriptive Statistics are used to present quantitative and qualitative descriptions in a manageable form” (Trochim, 2006). Coffman study on the the effects of tangible social support and depression on diabetes self efficacy in Hispanic older adults, demonstrated appropiate and good use of descriptive…

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  • Case Study: Descriptive Statistics

    We also want to calculate the median for the 10 rolls of the die. Label the next column in the Worksheet with the word median. Repeat the above steps but select the radio-button that corresponds to Median and in the Store results in: text area, place the median column. Calculating Descriptive Statistics ? Calculate descriptive statistics for the mean and median columns that where created above. Pull up Stat > Basic Statistics > Display Descriptive Statistics and set Variables: to mean…

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  • Descriptive Statistics And Frequency Analysis

    Before proceeding with any statistical procedures, I conducted a preliminary analysis using descriptive statistics and frequency analysis. Both were used to assess the characteristics of the data, check for violations of assumptions underlying the statistical techniques, as well as address research specific data requirements (Pallant, 2013). Using frequency analysis, I checked the minimum, maximum, and range of the categorical variables to identify errors and address the same. Additionally, I…

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  • Descriptive Statistics: Analysis Of Numerical Data

    Introduction Statistics is the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample. The following paper seeks to provide basic knowledge in some specific areas of statistical data analysis. Descriptive statistics Descriptive statistics is the term given to the analysis of data that helps describe, show or summarize data in a meaningful way. Descriptive statistics…

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  • Using Descriptive Statistics And Pearson 's Correlation Coefficient

    This article used the appropriate statistical procedures for the study. Using descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation allows the researcher to reveal if any correlation coefficients among variables are found. Also, using the path analysis to find the relationships among the variables was a key factor. The sample was significant for the study and the path analysis model because it required a large number of cases and this study had 2,565 participants. The responses from the survey…

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  • Sample Research Questions

    The descriptive analyses include different statistical methods, such as, Chi-Square, independent sample T-Test, Bivariate correlation, and Binary regression. The survey focuses primarily on the students’ spending, such as acquiring textbooks, living on campus vs. off campus, enrolling in the university’s meal plan, transportation costs, as well as any other costs that are important for the students’ needs and success during college. Since the respondents all come from different backgrounds,…

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  • War And Morality In The Iliad

    Natasha The War on Morality Morality is defined as principles concerning the line between right and wrong, or good and bad. Ethics is defined as moral guidelines that govern a person's actions. Morality and ethics are often suspended in war time. This fact is demonstrated by the massive amount of civilian casualties that wars seem to carry as well as, the destruction of homes and land. But why would such a thing occur. After all, wars are fought by humans who have the capacity for compassion.…

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  • Sport Does Not Build Character Essay

    Among today’s society there are an abundance of critics of sport. They criticize the politics, money, and behavior among sport and how it can affect an individual. Most of those critics also believe that sport does not build character. I partially agree to this statement; however, I believe that sport can build character when it is practiced in an environment that thrives on and teaches character and moral development. Then the athlete has an opportunity to become morally developed and gives…

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  • Assignment 3 Data Analysis

    drawn independently from each other, and within each sample, the observations are sampled randomly and independently of each other. 2. The visual interpretation of the histogram is that there is a positive kurtosis and a negative skewness. Descriptive Statistics N Minimum Maximum Mean Std. Deviation Skewness Kurtosis Statistic Statistic Statistic Statistic Statistic Statistic Std. Error Statistic Std. Error quiz3 105 0 10 8.05 2.322 -1.177 .236 .805 .467 Valid N (listwise) 105…

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